Takuma Carver efoil for sale or parts

Hi, I have a Takuma carver which is not working properly. The board will not turn on and connect to the remote.
I had a similar issue during the first year of use and I was provided a replacement ECU under warranty. I’m assuming the fault now is with the ECU also. I have had this board since 2020 and it has served me well. But I do not intend to invest any more to get it back working.
I am willing to sell it for parts or as a package if there is any interest. I assume it could be reconditioned by a knowledgeable person. The motor, prop, battery, remote, charger etc are all in good shape. Please message me if this interests you.
Located on the east coast of Ireland

You may want to add your location. Obviously small parts are easily shipped. Batteries are challenging (if not impossible) to ship.

I am always surprised that people who want to sell things forget this!

I’m in Ireland. East coast.

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Do you still have some parts?
From my surf school https://efoillesfriesland.nl I teach on Takuma boards.

And unfortunately something breaks for me too.
So if you have anything left, let me know.

Do you still have the motor, ecu, prop, and controller?

Hi, I have the entire unit still available

How much are you looking for for those items?