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What do you guys think of the Takuma eTow?
15,000 euro pricetag is the rumor.

TAKUMA shared a post on Instagram: "After years of R&D we are incredibly stoked to present the new Takuma eTow.​
The first self-controlled electric towing watercraft on the market. ​
A totally new way to experience infinite freedom, with the...

I’m the target market for this craft.
I’ve owned multiple PWCs and boats which were used for towing in (regular and foil) over the years.
I’ve towed using an e-foil but found it ineffective and a pain in the ass overall.
My reliable tow partner moved back to the mainland a couple of weeks ago and we sold his PWC.

I was yelling, “TAKE MY MONEY, TAKUMA!” the past two weeks as they teased images and clips of this. Then yesterday when the price tag was announced, I became quiet. 15 grand would get me a brand-new Yamaha FXHO (the best for towing Hawaiian waters IMHO) with an excellent build quality and a warranty. It’s a no brainer to do a hard pass on this except I’m not confident I can find a good, reliable tow partner whose schedule meshes up with mine consistently.

So I’m still considering this as I absolutely love the idea. I like the idea that I can show up at a spot at the crack of dawn and not worry that a tow partner has slept in, is hung over, or is going to be late. It would be all me, myself and I. Slotted in a 15’ stand up barrel while the E-Tow follows obediently a few feet behind me (yes, also in the barrel, it will be smart enough not to get sucked up and go over the falls) recording with a camera mounted to the top, getting me footage that will bring me eternal fame, glory and boundless riches.

But 15 grand, Takuma build quality, and will it really do what I expect it to be capable of doing? I’m not so confident. So I didn’t put down a deposit. Now I’m asking around to see if somebody might want to go halves on it or something…


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And that’s why we’re friends Paul. Call out sick on my days off, and I’ll be your tow partner!


Love it! Not too sure how the maritime police will enforce this in different countries. I fear as soon as it is identified as being autonomous it will be banned.

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Its a cool concept until it rides over someone else in the lineup…
Also there’s a massive amount of safety lost buy not using a jetski and another person. I love my efoils, but I would always want a backup ski if I were doing a downwinder.
This is also a great size for some shark bait… A jetski is substantially larger so has much better presence if a shark appears.