Takuma Wing Foil Board

Hi Community,

instead of using an old Windsurfboard for winter efoil build project I‘m thinking about using the 100l Takuma board: https://takuma.com/en/wing-foil-boards/263-907-bk-ebs.html#/123-volume-100l

Any pros/contras from your side welcome :slight_smile:
I like the shape compared to a windsurfboard and with a thickness of 15cm it offers more space.
A completly build up of a board from zero I would exclude for first build of an efoil.

Thanks in advance for you input


Thst’s a pricey board to cut, have you looked at the gong lance or gong kube boards, similar but cheaper

The Gong seems to be more expensive, and they are thinner —> less space for electronics.
The Takuma is sold for 650€ in Germany.

That’s less than half the price on the site?

On the upper link I don‘t see prices on the page.
The 650€ are from another sport store

If you want a cheaper option, Kite slalom boards make good conversions. I have done 3 boards like that. Got each for ±£150. They are sometimes around 10cm thick. If you want thicker though then you going to need a wingfoil board or sup foil board.

The thickness of that Takuma doesnt account for the concaves, so you need to be careful how much thickness you really have to play with.

Would you post that link ?

Sure, you find it here:


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Yes, thats what I also thought when looking at the pictures. Anyway 15cm seems to ne a good starting position.

I also like the form of the takuma boards, unfortunately these boards offered by decathlon have at least 5’6.
And if you check they are made from glassfiber, not carbon!

I’ve transformed 3 wingfoil boards of 5’0 into efoils. Definitely wouldn’t go much bigger than 5’2. My last transformation was Gong Kube 3’11 which is a perfect size for efoil.

And since it’s your lucky day there is is a full carbon version of that takuma available for 590€. It’s not as thick with approx 12cm, but will be enough for housing your battery, electronics etc…


Yes, GFK I have seen. Not as much stiff as CFK but should also work.
I have 90kg „on board“. So I thought the 100ltr 5.8“ is better then a smaller one.
I saw your builds. Great work and thank you for your good build description!

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I have also 90kg, and you’re right, the size of the board matters more than the liters volume. Its all about getting the board started. And in my opinion it gets very tricky to start a board smaller than 120cm. On the other hand i think the board doesn’t need to be bigger than 150cm, because you will quickly progress and want a smaller board to be more maneuverable.

And then you build a 2nd one… :grinning:
(with improvments)