The BEAST complete geared motor

This one is not for the fainted heart. I’m working on another high output drive so I’m selling this one to finance the other one.

Torqeedo 1003 gearbox fitted on a SSS 5694 1000kv.

I will measure again as it was a while ago but remember it free spining at 7160rpm at 14S

It has been in the water only once in the pool to test the torque. The bench broke at 71kg torque… it was far to be at full throtle.

If you don’t want something that crasy the SSS 5694 1000kv can easily be replaced by any SSS motor.

All parts are machined from 6061 T6 aluninium. The front cap as been TIG welded on the tube.
I will supply a spare pinion for the Torqeedo gearbox

This setup was built for speed run attempt, on the paper with the right foil it has the potential to go way past 60kmh assuming you can handle it… No idea how long the Torqeedo gearbox will last coupled with the SSS5694 1000kv, it hasnt been build for reliability during everyday crusing. It is well above the max rated rpm.

For everyday use just use a lower kv SSS as done by others like a 5684 800kv

500USD without the SSS 5694 1000kv

600USD with the SSS5694 1000kv


what type of gear is inside?

All info is in the description

Are the CAD models available for this design?

Also, what sun gear did you use with the Torqeedo 1003 gearbox?

It is the sun gear from Torqueedo, pretty hard to find. Cheers

If someone intersted in the torqeedo gearbox and sun gear I can sell them aside.

This is taking dust so price drop

Torqueedo gearbox, 2 sun gear 150usd
SSS 56104 100usd
SSS 5694 with 8am lead 100usd

Can give spacer to connect it all

Only been bench tested

I’m interested. I want to make something up for my takacat dinghy. Gimme a shout.

Still have this available? Thx

Yes it is still available Thanks

Thx. I am working on a 15 Hp outboard engine conversion. On 4th generation now. Maytech 65162 motor did not have quite enough power. Do you think this geared setup is similar or perhaps higher in power? I see rating for the 1000kv motor you have is rated about 12kw peak, which is great if real. I am typically running 14S. Have 300A Maytech esc. Is your motor waterproof or does the housing keep it dry? Thanks again. Steve

Cool project. It should be way more powerful than the 65162. This gearbox has been used in some build with smaller SSS motor and they already had more torque than the 65162.

The housing is waterproof, I was going to fill it with mineral oil as other brands do. The only uncertainty is how long it will last as it is spinning quite fast.

What rpm is the gearbox rated for? What prop were you designing this for? Also, what is the outside diameter of the housing tube? Want to see if it will fit into my outboard lower unit. Sounds promising. Estimate of cost to ship to California?

Not sure of rating, it is the Torqueedo gearbox. It spin way slower on the Torqueedo. OD 65mm with housing. Let’s follow up by private message please