The best board for all diy e-foilers

What I like so much on Waydoo boards, and I still not understand, is how they can unmount the master.
I mean, every board that I see until now on DIY boards, have all cables directly connected.
But they can unconnect the master and after transport you can reconnect it.
I wonder how this can be make in a DIY efoil board.
I need it cause I have not so much space in my car.

Someone have an idea ? or someone know a link of someone that make this possible ?

Thanks all

I think this is common solution for eFoil DIYers. I transport my mast disconnected. Board bottom is flat with 4 threaded mast mounting inserts and slot for motor wires. And one hole for cooling water supply.
Silicon gasket mold is 3d printed.


I think I understand… but I’m not sure :slight_smile:
Can you upload a pic of de board please ? the point where the master will be connect.
Thanks a lot


Ok thanks a lot… now I understand.
But… how the water it’s go trough that hole without leaking please ?

Thanks again

Silicon gasket is thicker then black rubber gasket and has a bump around the hole (hard to see on pic)

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It is possible to do in different ways.
I usually do a small hole in The board just below my mast there my cables and connectors goes out so i can connect/disconnect them before i mount The mast on ny box. In this board i have The vesc installed in a box on The mast so it is The power cables going out. In my previous board i had The vesc inside The board with a small heatzink and fan for cooling, then i had The three motor cables instead.
Then i have a sealings behind The mast so it is usually not comning in any water to the connectors. The cables are sealed with sixaflex 291i so i do not get any water into The batteries in The box.
I haven’t fixed The finishing yet on The box :grimacing: but it is working without any problems.


Ok… now I’m convinced :slight_smile:
I must still study a lot in order make my own board… but I have a lot of time until next spring :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot all !!!

Please disclose what you mean, cant figure out the 2 flaws. Perhaps abit to little bottom surface?

Hi, just wanted to know how to solder this kind of connectors? What temp to prevent them from melting the casing?

Here’s what I bought.

Just buy this tool:

Then you don’t need to solder…

tosh.jah is right. These connectors are not intended for soldering. Good luck with your project.

Would you have a link to these connectors ?

Check the supplier’s product list or contact their agent. I can’t find the exact link but it’s there.

Most of us buy them here:

where can i get these connectors the link you gave is closed please help me

They are called “surlok”
If you search on the Mouser site you will find many

thank you for helping

Here you have the exact article number to find them on mouser:

Cheers :call_me_hand:

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I couldn’t find the same, can you give me the link?