The best board for all diy e-foilers

This is an update of my previous post of what was created by the Seahorse team.

We made a board and a wing set with unlimited possibilities. The Seahorse e-foil board has unique simple solutions which enable the implementation of any electrical solution of your choice.
Our goal is to make your DIY EFOIL project successful.

The board is nearly 150 cm long and 60 cm wide. It is extremely thin in the profile for easy carrying. There are clever placed features like the waterproof battery compartment with a separated electrical enclosure for the ESC, receiver, and other electronics. The board has an integrated channel for the receiver antenna at the top of the board which provides a reliable signal. The cooling channels inlet/outlet for the electronics are integrated into the mast and the motor mount is provided with adaptive collars for any motor brand. A single body design of the front wing, fuselage, and rear wing make the assembly procedure faster.

All these features help you to have a successful and enjoyable DIY experience.

A big thanks goes to all our loyal customers for supporting us and enabling the development of our board.

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What’s the height of the battery compartment? And what’s your current lead time and approximate pricing? Is it possible to buy just a board, without the mast and wing set?

Hello jkoljo,

Our battery compartment size is 88mm x 328mm x 651mm.

Our current delivery time is 20 days this information varies depending on the number of current orders.

The price of the board is 2.540 EUR
The price of the whole set is 2.890 EUR

For more information, you can contact me on the e-mail:

Wow this is a really high price… Of course it is well done carbon fibre, but the price is off limits… I now ordered the standard EPP Efoil Board of for only 900€ and their complete mast power unit for 1599€. I will modify it to my needs and just add a waterproof battery and a remote controller of volt-efoil and should have a complete efoil for around 3699€… all with of-the-shelve component… :wink:


Hi, carved

I totally agree with you, we produce 100% Carbon products. I find it hard to compare 100% Carbon products versus styrofoam. It’s a different league. :smirk:

Seahorse offers quality Carbon e-foil boards made in small-scale production with quality raw materials and this process will never be cheap. However, this product will offer a very positive DIY experience without unknowns and alterations.


Hi, yes, I also have no doubt that carbon laminate is very expensive. However, in this photo you can see two flaws in the shape of the board. One flaw is hydrodynamic, the other flaw reduces the board’s usability a bit. Maybe other forum members who have experience building boards (especially from Germany …I had to flatter them a bit:-) will notice them.

I’m at your disposal for any criticism or proposal. I like to listen to opinions from the forum because they will help me progress in the business. Thanks for sharing Dynamik :call_me_hand:

In the realms of DIY, everyone seems to like their own board style, but one place that’s always a mission for everyone is the hatch and lid.
What would work well is if you sold a ready-made hatch insert and accompanying lid. Then guys could simply integrate it into any board.


So true, that would be a world premiere !


Looks like you manufacture board bottom and top skins separately as could be done for efoil wings. Is that RTM, infusion ? Do you glue these skins to a CNCed XPS foam core or do you inject foam when you join top and bottom skins ?

Thanks, Jezza.
This is actually a very good idea. My ideas are :exploding_head: booming.

I came up with a battery case, a hinged cover and closure in two versions. With or without separate compartment for reciver, ESC and other electronics.

This is how the finished product looks integrated into my boards.

Over the next few days, I will make a price calculation for three solutions: fiberglass, carbon and aluminum case. Probably I will prepare the cheapest solution that closes with screws all around the lid.


I would say a hinged version with latches is one most would want. Screws take forever to close the lid.

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Hi SoEFoil

Because our background is in maritime and aviation production, we use methods that are a well-established practice in assembling ultralight aircrafts. Unfortunately, some of your questions are our production secrets. What I can say is that the boards should not be just hollow because they would not be stiff enough in the area of the mast mount especially.

These are the calculations I came up with:

Battery housing with electronics compartment made of carbon —> 380 EUR
Battery housing without electronics compartment made of carbon —> 310 EUR

Battery housing with electronics compartment made of fiberglass—> 295 EUR
Battery housing without electronics compartment made of fiberglass—> 225 EUR

The Flush Locker Catch is not included in the price.

Soon, these items will be ready to buy on my e-store

:partying_face:With a special discount for forum members :partying_face:

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As I promised, there is also a version made of laser-cut aluminum that will be welded along the edges.

The lid will be made of Alucobond 6mm sandwich material.
Calculations are still ongoing. The goal is to do everything so that the selling price will be around 220 EUR.


Is a 6mm thickness able to bear the weight of a 100-120kg (200-240lbs) rider without bending ?

This is not a standard 6mm product. It will have reinforcements along its entire length.:nerd_face:

I got the feedback for the aluminum version obattery case. The total price would be 258 EUR.

I hope to help you with this products.

For more information, you can contact me on the e-mail:

Can you give me a link please ?
I can’t find only the board in the site.
Thanks a lot

They don`t have all spare parts on their website. I contacted them via email

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