The EasyGoat eFoil from CabraTec thread - Info for the DiYer

Second commercial eFoil to be launched, the EasyGoat from CabraTec with inflatable board

Already mentioned here in March 2018 for safety issues, Safety with eFoils - #89 by CabraTec - Safety -, the promised duct “will soon be available” (see 8:32). 6S (24V) Lipo batteries are still used despite a controversy vs other Lithium batt (Lithium-ion).

Price: 4840EUR incl VAT shipped to a EEC country, 4000€ for the rest of the world (Switzerland ?) + charger (400€) + shipping. 2 to 3 months manufacturing time which means September at the earliest.
Extra battery : 1480€

board size 170 x 69 cm [with variable thicknesses eg if x 11 to 14 cm thickness = 130 to 164 litres minus central slot (+/-25 L)]
packed size 84 x 36 x 24 cm
assemble time 6 minutes
Total weight 19.5 kg

60 to 90 minutes Li-Pol battery duration
60 to 90 minutes charge time (video)
remaining power displayed on board

I would like to have a more details about the remote, looks like a special version of those:

CabraTech says they have a waterproof version of it. Would be good to know how they managed that or sourced this one from. This on the shelf remote controller also explains the sub 5000€ price.

ESC or Battery connectors sourcing : XT90 here

Wow, you still have the phone powerpack to run the receiver? How about tuning your throttle, having a DMS, CC or status feedback? Sorry but:

No doubt you have a very nice design, but form follows function…

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Sorry, Giga, I should not have replied directly to rely to your question, It should have been posted not directed to you as others are looking for waterproof remotes as well.

No, we tested a USB power supply for the receiver in the board as that’s all that is needed for power. It did work extremely well and it would only need charged once for a dozen+ sessions, but it is nicer just to use a BEC hardwired into ESC so you never need to charge anything other than efoil batteries.

@heikendorf1, have you received it yet ? If yes would you please post pictures of the design details of your new toy, including a pict of the battery charger ?

A short report would be great (so long you don’t ruin your manufacturer warranty)
… ESC, water cooling, motor, gear box… remote control - really water proof or not much better than an eSkate one ?
… battery autonomy, discharge information on the electric case, charge time ?
What’s the thickness of your board (inflated) ?
A link to a User Guide ?

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The specs are really good: 60 min run time etc… But it looks a bit underpowered, it seems to struggle to get enough speed quickly in the water. It looks like the wing begins to stall when it lifts off because the motor struggles to provide enough speed.

Looks like hobby king batteries as well :slight_smile:

Amazing to see how many e-foil companies are popping up.

I agree, looks under-powered. That might be why they cant use a duct! It makes me cringe when they try to justify it on video. The guy claims that the wings need to be sharp and are more dangerous, BS. I run super dull edges on my kite foil so ‘when’ (not if) I hit them, they dont cut! Still hurts LF. My kite foil is good for 22knots with dull edges, which is a lot more than the 8-10 knots that efoil does. It pisses me off when people put products to market and try and justify poor design. That video showed the typical learner Taco towards the prop about three times!!! Rant over. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@michion couldn’t agree more! also they make it look way harder than it actually is to foil. The lady says something along the lines of ‘as soon as you get out of the water, lean all your bodyweight forward so you don’t lose balance’ but the only reason they need to do this is to hopefully stop the wing from stalling. It seems like they are rushing a sub-par product onto the market to me.

Interesting to see how many they sell, and how many mechanical failures they have :joy:

@michion, your right its a matter of when someone falls into the blades/foil, jet surf guys are lucky it didn’t happen during the video shoot really… And this is my concern, the average Joe who see these things efoils, in general, have NO IDEA of the learning curve, balance, and how easy it is to fall into the foil area and they will get hurt easily.

Looks like the board needs to be pumped up super hard, there is a part in the video where the battery/foil section is on bulging out the top of the board, I wonder how its secured in there, more than a pressure fit I hope.

The unit concept is awesome, inflatable board, quick setup, but its the safety for the riders that is most important for everyone, company, user, and the sport in general.

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During the video they say:
JetSurf: 15Hp (11kw)
eFoil: start 3HP / glide 1.5HP (2.2 / 1.1kW)

A duct should arrive soon … which should not improve your feeling…

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HI, thanks for your comments.
Jetboard Tour stoped at our place when driving North and they all had 10 to 15 minutes / person and they all wanted to get photo foiling. This is not safe I absolutely agree with you. I wish I could slow them down so they could become familiar with the board first.
The board is underpowered ? :slight_smile: Maybe you are right, but I still can not use the full power.
This is 80 percent throttle start. Have a nice weekend and please keep with your feedback. Mira - CabraTec

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nice ride :slight_smile: , have you measure top speed? or at least at 80%?

We have the Easy Goat from Cabratec (CZ)
I’m 96kg, and believe me, its not underpowered !

I start at throttlle 50% (on knees)
Never tried full throttle, maybe we are not good enough, but the power is way to much to keep the board down.

We (Ina -> my wife and me) know a bit about hydrofoiling, witch is of course a different sport.

regards Obbe and Ina
(facebook search: both van den bijlaard)

Hey bijlaard, what is your feedback after 8 months of use ?

Hi SoEFoil,

We just started again after winter time :slightly_smiling_face:
Batteries looking 100% , in a few weeks i can tell you more .


Is it geared or direct drive?
Do you have a good riding time?

Hi Bender,

It has a gear, dont ask what type…
The gear was broken, they repaired it (garantee)

riding time good 1 set batteries 25mins (i’m 100kg)
You can put 2 sets batteries in, (wil give a big 50mins riding time?)

Waiting for the new 2019 remote control, (now using a 3d printed version)


Thanks for the Infos

Hi Mira. I just discovered your new prices for a complete package: 7247€ incl VAT, 5990€ without with carbon wings.
Your second season is about to start.
Have your signed partnerships with rentals ? If yes, can you tell us more ?
On a technical side, what can you tell us ? (motor, ESC, gearbox, battery …)

Seen here:, your remote has everything I am looking for : board battery percentage, 3 throttle modes (Beginner, Normal, Pro), GPS speed real time, PAUSE, 12 hours operating time, Wifi updatable when new features will be released.
Do you plan to sell it to DiYers ? :grinning: If yes price tag ?