The first true V2 E-foil. (2 x Mast, 2 x Motor, 2 x VESC) 16S12P battery

The true V2 E-Foil. (2 x Mast, 2 x Motor, 2 x VESC)

The 2021 season is over and here is my V2 E-foil.

Motor: 2 x 72 124 (10Pole12Slot)

Props: 2 x Side-Power Q-Prop 125mm

Mast: 2 x RL 90

Wing: 1 x RL 2000

Fuselage: 1 x 25x25 Alu rod.

ESC: 2 x HI200 VESC

Battery: 16S12P 30Q battery

Remote: Maytech

The idea for this build was to make a overpowered, fast and stable E-Foil.

V2 Mast

The idea was to replace somewhat wobbly single mast with a dual V shaped mast to get a rigid triangle.
There is no such thing as too much power in my book so … each mast has a welded motor mount.

The Board

I wanted a large “bulletproof” board to allow people with no experience to start from a standing position.

Size 1700 x 750 x 150
Core: 100EPS
Battery box bottom: 300XPS
Reinforced mounting points
Deck: natural 1mm wood veneer + fiberglass + topcoat
Paint: Yacht PU paint
Wiring: 35mm plumbing pipe


I used 2 x HI 200 16S controllers connected via CAN bus.
There is a massive Alu plate laminated into the bottom of the battery box for cooling.
ESC’s are mounted directly on the plate and covered with a plastic box.
Since I have 2 motors VESC’s are set to 140A current limit each.

Pros and Cons


Very stable
Easy for beginners
Very fast
Power overwhelming :slight_smile:
Strong and rigid
Standing start capable


Very hard to make
Not very agile
Heavy around 40kg


I’m happy with this build. It turned out exactly as planned regarding power speed and stability. Super easy for beginners and well suited for heavier riders. But I’m already planning a small carvy single motor board for 2022 :slight_smile:


Very cool project, always nice when things are done a bit differently! Is it this propeller You use,

For model SE30/SE40?

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Yes SE30/40 (125mm). Since I have 2 motors there is no need for large diameter.

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OK thanks for information.

Sorry for misleading you the correct name is 3 1261. Propeller 5bl SE30/40. This one is 125mm diameter.
It’s rated for something like 40kgf. Their nombering sistem is somewhat confusing!

Very nice to see something different! Pity it’s on the heavy side, would be nice to get it lighter.

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The weight was kind of intentional. The board is very big to make it easy for beginners and heavy riders. And there’s a ton of fiberglass and a wooden deck to make it indestructible :slight_smile: It has already passed it’s first crash test after hitting the bottom of the lake this Sommer.

The wing took some damage but the board survived without a scratch!

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Really nice with some new inputs on efoiling!
Have been contemplating building an efoil inflatable dinghy that could take 2 people.
This would probably be the easiest way to go to reach 12kw top-power and sufficient mast stability.

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I saw a picture of a new efoil dingy a few days back. They used 2 axis masts at the rear and one in the front. Worked very well.

Yes! 2 people and towing definitely on my to do list for the next season:) there’s plenty of thrust but my skill level was not quite there this season :slight_smile: