The new Sifly Stellar Carbonfibre efoils coming soon

Check out the new Sifly Stellar Carbon fibre efoils

Sifly Stellar @youtube

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Would you have any pictures of he Stellar ?
The Stellar launch took the opportunity to increase prices significantly at 10090€. What are the improvements to justify a +25 to +50% price increase ?

What’s the purpose of the little wing off the trailing edge of the mast shown in the vid?

It adds extra stability for beginners. But also give the option for them to get it out the water once they progress

Actually the prices did not increase, but you may have mismatched prices with and without tax. Because the highend range of sifly boards have always been about 8500€ net .
However all prices of the other boards have been lowered due to manufacturing processes that have been optimized…
Attached you find some photos for the new Stellar series or check the website;-)
or check on youtube YouTube

I find it strange that their smallest board is 5’4". They challenge all the other manufacturers of they went down to 4’2".

I wonder if it effectively accomplishes the goal of making foiling easier to learn.
I get that it logically adds stability but while learning lots of people I believe tend to porpoise up and down a lot which means that device would be engaged then disengaged over and over again. Rather than just the mast slicing through the water Hmmm

Acutually that works pretty well for beginners as they don’t have to shift their bodyweight that much… If you already know how to efoil you definately don’t need this tool, which is just designed to make learing process easier and faster… Thats what it`s purpose and it does it well;-)