The Remora Suction Foil Mount

A nice invention from the kitefoiling scene: the Remora !
The story:
Product presentation and tests:
Web site: soon
Availability: probably August 2018
Suitable for any foil activity with a 165 x 90mm screw pattern plate including efoil.
If used with an efoil, and if you don’t want to modify the integrity of your board, a solution that connects the motor cable going from board top to mast is still to be found.



We are making progress with @Gobbla 's project: French build born in [LYON] - #19 by Gobbla - Builds - The next step is now the electric box maintained on the board with suction cups :grin:

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Love it !

Then next : footstraps on suction cups :wink:

I would prefer foot hooks on suction cups, like that your ankles are safe in case you fall :grin:

Retro fitting SupFoil boards is a huge market ( @VeFoil one for you in 2019)
Imagine a company that would provide a dismountable plug and play efoil kit:

  • electric box on suction cups to fit to the back of the board
  • cables hidden inside flush rails (from electric box to board tail, from board tail to mast plate, from mast plate to pod).
  • pod

Nice and easy, totally hidden complexity : no hole in the board or mast (1), no visible cable, no screw just sticky tape (rare or none), five (100 to 150 mm according to mast chord) adjustable (+ 0 / +10 mm) pods with sticky foam to adapt to any kind of mast :sunglasses:

(1) possibly a notch (but not a hole) on the mast trailing edge to maintain the pod vertically.

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What happened this auction mount? All seems dead and gone online?

They seem to have stopped after a year during fall 2019.

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