The SSS Motors Thread

A Google search only shows SSS 56104 500kv motors available on eBay from Chinese sellers. Are they trust-worthy? Or does anyone know of a U.S. source? Thanks!

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I got mine from aliexpress. If it doesnt show up then I get my money back. Cant ask for more than that. It took about three weeks to arrive.


Thanks. I just ordered one. Anyone know who actually makes these SSS motors? I cannot find a website. Are they made in China? Also does anyone have a detailed spec sheet for the 56104?

Just received a new SSS 56114 from Germany–Halter–usw-/Brushless/TFL-56-mm/56114/bl-motor-sss-56114-350kv-10y.html and I opened it to compare with 360. Almost the same except magnets are few mm longer on 350. I try to reutilize old rotor untill I can’t get the shaft milled down to 8.1mm. curious to see if there’s any difference in performances


What was wrong with the old sss360? Did you have problems with it?

What esc are you guys using? I ordered a HobbyWing SeaKing V3 130A BL. But it worries me because there are many posts about them burning up. I’d like to avoid that!

Got little water into the pod last time and the wires, cut short and struggled to remove enamel, are oxidized, solder won’t stick anymore! This time I don’t cut the original cables, will try to do a sealed junction right out of the pod. Anyway, old 360 is still running fine, bearing not oxidized, it’s that it can’t be resoldered properly

Tried this trick?


Nope, but thank you for the tip! I will, for sure

I had exactly the same issue, very frustrating. I cutted the motor wires a way to short on my SSS.
I did it like in the instructables thread + spiritus and it worked for me. Connection is solid! Good luck!

No idea if this guy is legit but there is a new seller on ebay listed as located in New Mexico selling SSS 56104 500kvs new for $69 with free shipping. I just ordered one from him.

Hi Sunrise
Could you let us all know if he is legit. I am/was going to order also but thought I would ask you first.
I think I made a mistake on my other posts by misreading something and thinking the 5694 was 120KV not 1200KV.
Thanks though

I just checked my ebay account. The seller has been removed from ebay so it was clearly fraudulent. My payment was never processed. The seller definitely looked suspicious because he had zero reviews and was listing multiples of that same motor for sale for a price that appeared too good to be true USD$69 including shipping).

I ordered the same SSS 56104 500kv motor from the listing below on August 8. Delivery not expected for a month (Update: Per below, it took just 14 days to Florida). Fingers crossed this one is legit! Again it is through ebay so I am protected if it is not. In this case the seller is well established on ebay with more than one million reviews and the price $142+$14 S&H) seems about right.

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It worked! Not so shine like in instructables photo… But good enought to solder that motor again

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Once again there are a bunch of most likely fraudulent listings on ebay for SSS 56104 motors. If the seller has no rating or if the price seems too good to be true — be careful.

I ordered my SSS 56104 KV500 from these guys in China. Getting it took exactly 14 days. That’s a week SHORTER than it took to get my Neugart PLE40 from Motion in New Jersey! Go figure.

What I don’t get is that on ebay all offers for the SSS 56104, like yours @sunrise305, have the same characteristics, including 11kW of power, but when I see the available motors labeled as SSS 56104 in this German shop (where @MaB ordered), they have different windings, 14kW instead of 11, higher voltage and current, and they are also heavier.
So why are they called the same and how to tell them apart? If those numbers are correct then people in this forum are running motors labeled as SSS 56104 with quite different power.

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My understanding was there are two shaft options 8mm and 10mm. This might explain weight/ power variations from a slightly different internal architecture.

My understanding is there are a number of different KV versions in the 56104 line. I have both the SSS 56104 KV500 and the SSS 56104 KV420 models. I don’t see the KV500 version on the German vendor’s site. Further, the photos they show do not show the marking that appear on the motors that most of us are getting from China. Not sure why or what that means, if anything.

Finally, I am puzzled why I cannot find a website for the mfr directly. Who/what is SSS?



Keep in mind, there are two versions of each motor kv, the 56104 and 56114. The longer one obviously more torque. I had them last year and the difference for one setup was 18kg vs 25kg of thrust, dramatic difference, but if your using a reduction gear, you likely want less torque so you don’t break your gearbox.