The SSS Motors Thread

Yep, Im fully aware of your focus on direct drive. If that’s all you want to talk about, that’s cool.


VeFoil - Were your previous gearbox failures Neugart or Parker or another brand? Reason I ask is I have seen a number of mentions of Parker gearbox failures on this site. But none for Neugart.

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You are correct, the Neugart seem to be better which is why I got one as well. My others were no name brands.

@sunrise305 But with the same kv there are also differences. For 790kv the datasheet looks actually very similar, except for the 14kv - 11kv discrepancy. Which is a bit odd because chinese seller normally tend to exaggerate, not understate: Chinese vs German.
For other kv the datasheets are again very different.
@michion the shaft should not make a noticeable difference, the weight for the two 790kv motors above is also the same.
@VeFoil The 56114 is yet another story, the german shop has those too. Their datasheets match up more with the chinese ones. But I didn’t understand the motor itself, it has 1kW less power and 5k max RPM less, isn’t that only a very small increase in torque? Or is it higher in lower RPM?

I bought a Chinese 360Kv 56114 and the German 350Kv 56114, apparently the same, 350 rotor is a few mm longer than the 360.
This is adjusted by different bronze spacers on the shaft, 350 is still in its box, so I can’t tell how it perform.
I found the 56104 being rated 11KW and 56114 13KW.

Hello, can you tell me the diameter of the screws on the motor shaft SSS 56104: M3 or M4?

thank you

When you say screws on the motor shaft not sure what you are referring to. There are six M4 screws that mount the motor to the MotorGearboxMount. The shaft itself is 8mm and there is an M3 cap screw on the gearbox that binds the motor shaft.


Yes those are M4 x 10mm



I have brand new 56104 kv500 with dealing KV130A esc im trying to sell. Brand new never used was going to build efoil but just ordering one instead. Text me if interested in located in Phoenix,AZ 623.888.2079

Hi everyone, so i want to use the sss 56104 500kv motor and i obviously need a gearbox but i am very confused because of the crazy price diferences i have encoutered when it comes to planetary geared speed reducers.

Ihave found this one ( ) which looks very cheap compared to other ones but it seems like that’s all i need.Can this work or is it too cheap, there must be a problem with it that i can’t figure out.
I’ve actually found even cheaper ones like this one:

Also when it comes to gear ratio what do you recomend? I think that 5:1 is what i need.Has anyone got a similar setup to work well?

500KV and 5:1 gear should work fine. If you buy a Neugart, you need a ple40, otherwise it won’t fit in an id 56mm Tube. The nema17 gear is rated 6Nm max on the output, that’s a bit too low. It could work, someone used a similar one and replaced the bearings. Needs good cooling, for example aluminium between the gear and the tube.

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Can you link the thread with the person that replaced the bearings?Also for those that have used this motor how did you cool it?Just by having it snug in the aluminum pipe?

Nema: JvdZ' build, Holland
Modified Nema23: Nibblers Build from Germany
Cooling of china gear: Daniels geared inflatable (slowly built)
The 2 alu parts on picture 3 that fit around the gear, you could just use a ring or two ring segments instead

Cooling of motor is just through contact with the tube id 56mm.

If you haven’t started I suggest to use a direct drive, either 65151, 120KV:

or 63100 run wet:

No gear means a shorter pod, no hassle with couplers and water proofing, much easier


Thanks a lot for the reply!If i choose the 63100 do I have to take it appart and waterproof it?Or it can be used in water right out of the box?Thanks in advance!!!

You should waterproof it with epoxy or clear 2k spray. The bearings should also be changed with stainless ones. Search the forum on hoe to waterproof it. Also search for 6384 or 80100.


Do you think it’s worth getting one of these outrunners and if so which one or saving up and getting the flipsky inrunner?I don’t really want to spend the extra money on the flipsy because i will also need a more expensive esc but if the ourunner will give me problems i think it’s worth it.What do you think?

I haven’t used it myself but I know several successful builds with 63100:

So I would call it a proven solution.

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We drive with 6384 and flycolor 150A , 6s…

The 6384 drive with 12s too.

The cheapest set Up? :joy::joy::joy:
Greetings Frank


That looks intriguing. Can you provide a parts list? Also, the flycolor says that it is “constant amps” Do you know what that means?