The Surffic / Cimi Sports / Tiki Factory thread - Info for the DiYer

The Surffic as it’s shown in vid is not the Cimi model but a Hisun efoil.

Yes and no. on this early March video they show two SURFFIC boards, each with different foils:

  • the blue board seems to be their earliest prototype and is fitted with the large HISUN foil and motor,
  • the orange board is their future production model and is fitted with a Maytech/Reacher/Flipsky motor type: at 2:02 for example.

New reseller with custom boards

Yes, board and foil look like the SURFFIC / CIMI board with screws on the hatch lid.
Then for the drivetrain, we don’t know.
Here is their French address ? Anybody around ?
Seven Oceans.
SAS CHILI Run - 17 Rue du Pied du Chaume - 85470 BRETIGNOLLES SUR MER - FRANCE

This is the product sold by Cimi sport.
The spacing to fix the fuselage is 75 mm.
I would like to adapt another fuselage with a larger wing.
Do you know if other brands have the same fixing distance at the foot of the mast?
Thank you

Where did you buy it and how much if I may ask ?

A picture of your mast base and fuselage slot will help.
What fuselage material ? Alu or carbon ?
It is always possible to build an adaptor :
In some cases, the adaptor can be 3D printed :
See also RRD clever solution where they insert a plastic or3D printed part around the mast airfoil section to fit a conic fuselage slot (@Riwi a solution that might have worked with your Moses plane)
Plstic insert mast-fuse

The Airush, Gong, Naish, Takuma are in the 80mm screw distance so close to your 75mm screw spacing. The difference is in the profile thickness (14.7 to 15.3mm).
AGNR 110mm mast

The Gong fuse by @MAC: should be possible to redrill to 75mm.

Thanks for your post!

For how long do you have that board already? are you happy with it?
Also, did you use the longer/ shorter mast?

I just contacted the manufacture on Alibaba and they offer 1 unit for $3800.

Hey Jacques, I’ve seen on YT you’ve been busy testing your CIMI board.
What do you think ? What are the motor and battery spec ? Are you happy with them and with the charger ? Is the CIMI clever hatch waterproof ? You board seems to have an integrated rubber band on its nose - do you confirm ? Did you have the opportunity to test the brand after sale service ?

Hey mate. I am also considering buying the CIMI board. I could not really find any other reviews anywhere… what do you think ? they offered it to me for $3800.

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Taking into account the excellent quality, at 3800usd seems to be the best deal offered on the net. “Seem” because @Jakos is the only guy who has used it regularly for a couple of weeks. So let’s wait for his feedback, IMHO his opinion is important before buying.
How much did they ask you for the shipping from China ?

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I agree, I am looking forward for hear @Jakos opinion on the board.
They asked for $800 for a door to door delivery within 25 days.
They offered 1 year warranty (Which might be useless I guess).
How much tax will I have to pay for the import to the states?

3800 is the price before tax. The total cost must be calculated.
Otherwise the machine works well for the moment.
no problem with electronics, engine or other. In my opinion the board is a bit heavy. There is progress to be made on this point.
The batteries have excellent autonomy. More than an hour.

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Thanks for your reply.

To maintain costs low, they have probably used glass fibre only. Is you hatch waterproof ?

Did you eventually find a way to adapt a new plane to your CIMI mast ? Would you post some picts ?

A new US company is selling 11,000usd the white branded CIMI sports efoil :

MSLR Electric E-Foil is designed and built by passionate surfers and water enthusiasts

I’d be surprised if they sell any for $11k. Lift and Flite at least have a reputation to back up their asking price.

Another company selling this board for roughly half the price of MSLR

Kind of funny how MSLR tries to make it sound like they’re the manufacturer of the board. I wonder if they’ve managed to trick any suckers into buying one for $11,000.

Hows the board working out? Can you share the link where you bought it?

Another one =>

May I ask how much did they charge you for the import tax and the shipping to France ?
Shipping to the US is 800usd.

From the Flitefoil unboxing and assembling video, detail of the motor phase connectors with outside double O-rings connecting to the ESC. Wondering where those connectors come from :thinking:
200720 CIMI Mast connectors
200720 CIMI ESC connectors

Detail of the CIMI mast plate:
200720 CIMI Mast plate

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