The TAKUMA efoils now fitted with jet drives

Due to legal safety aspects imposed by Transport Canada, in 2022 Takuma combines a stock kill switch + a jet drive for models sold in Canada.

This kill switch adds an infallible layer of security in addition to the one integrated into the remote control (see above). In the event of a fall, these two systems cut the motor automatically, thus avoiding injuries or the efoil escaping from your proximity.

Canada: two models offered right now
CARVER 2 : eFoil Carver 2 JET® TAKUMA® | Legal to use in Canada, 16000 CAD / 12500 USD, longer mast, smaller and lighter board
CRUISING 2: eFoil Cruising 2 JET® TAKUMA® | Legal to use in Canada , 15000 CAD / 11700 USD, shorter mast, bigger and heavier board

Rest of the world: seems like only the CRUISING 2 is available:

Common specs:

  • Autonomy: about 70 - 90 minutes (depends on your weight and usage conditions)
  • Charging time: approximately 2h00 (220Vt) ±2h30 - 3h (110Vt) with visible charge level.
  • Maximum speed: ± 35km with the 1500 cm2 foil lift wing (subject to the board used, size and conditions)
  • Propulsion module: High-velocity hydrodynamic JET turbine (HO-V5) with high efficiency 4000 Watt (4KW) brushless motor

Total weight with battery pack 35Ah: 64.6lbs — 29.3kg
Board: 62” x 28in - 157.4cm x 71.1cm — Volume of 120L

Total weight with battery pack 35Ah: 79.1lbs — 35.9kg
Board: 72” x 30in - 182.8cm x 76.2cm — Volume 150L







Well thats nice… I just wonder why anyone would spend that much, if he could get the 2 top jet efoils for almost the same price but definately better quality and endurance? (check Audi etron efoil or the superb Awake Vinga efoil)
Is takuma already playing a big role in north amerika?

You have two distinguish the two continents, North America and Europe.
In North America, the Takuma is the only jet drive efoil available in 2022.
In 2023, if eTron and Vinga are available, the Takuma will be cheaper (at least -25%) if we consider the European price.

In Europe, in 2022 the selling prices are :

  • eTron : 15000eu incl VAT
  • Vinga: 12900+20% VAT = 15500 € with the smaller battery
  • only the CRUISING 2 Jet with a 35Ah battery seems available for 8000€

So, in Europe, it is totally different: you can get two Takuma jet boards complete for the price of an eTron or a Vinga !

I don’t know. As per, in USA/Canada there are 12/11 Takuma physical reps plus webshops like Avante in the US or Voiloka in CA Lift eFoil - Voiloka.
So not many shops for such a vast area in fact.

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This price has risen by 5% at 8400€ since the publication of this post… :frowning_face: