The Volt eFoil thread - information for the DiYer

Spoted by @nickw1881, there seems to be so much information coming that this promising efoil needed its own thread for the DiYers, especially because it seems to be the first brand on the market with the DiY spirit in mind :

The control unit will be placed within the board allowing DIYer to choose their preferred control system or opt for our dedicated system. …

Seems like the company has a presence (registered ?) in Marseilles south of France. The design is definitely @Mantafoils UAE with proven and optimized wings and know-how coming from the MONO hydrofoil from Mantafoils - a 3 in 1 foil for kitefoil/windfoil/supfoil.

Delivery announced Q2-2020: looking forward to see the test figures of this efoil using the optimized F800 race front wing.

Manta Mono Wing range


Renaud, a few questions for you.

As the ESC case above the mast is really small, will the Volt efoil use active water cooling like forced water circulation from a motor pod water inlet ?
Will you be the boss of this venture or an associate providing a technical support plus the foil range of as a supplier ?

Yes this will be very promising for the DIY market…
Battery looks well designed and propulsion unit, ESC wont need water cooling as it is directly connected to the alloy box and mast, which has massive cooling capacity. together with this perfect integrated Propulsion unit, this will be super efficient and reliable
And with inflatable board this will be one of the best solutions for 2020… :ok_hand:

Yes we use active cooling in open open circuit.

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The way we designed the cooling system, we do need the water to flow to ensure 100% reliability.

It’s a project under Mantafoils umbrella but we will give access to some components to DIY as well as brands who need some to develop their foils.
We do this already with our inflatables inserts and ALU masts for example…

So you may find other brands proposing compatible boards or having some rebranded elements in the future.

That’s the idea… Having said that there is still quite a long way ahead before we release something to the mass market. I am confident that by q2 end we will have few guys with our pre production test units here and there…

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Any information in what price range this will hit the market?

Nothing to communicate yet… Once all is up and running well we will check exact prices.

Won’t be cheapest for sure considering the involved components but won’t be as expensive as market Leaders.

you can check progress here

Great Duct ! Is it Plastic injected ?

Machined aluminum. As it need to carry the stabilizer load

hello guys,

a bit of update on the volt project… been silent here but lots happening in the background.
for those following our instagram product page, you would surely have seen some of our updates. Volt instagram page

there will be more communication coming through the next months.

right now we have running prototypes of different variants. some have been successfully running past 8 months, others are more recent with some hardware variants tests ( 3 different ESC, and 5 different motors and a bit of shapes variants also…)

our boards are nearly in finalized stage (successfully working past 8 months with water coming in and immerged battery but would rather like to put an efficient seal and keep battery in dry environment).

we will have 2 inflatable boards sizes and one carbon fiber model (smaller board)

batteries are working fine, doing some few upgrades in terms of performance (more to that in due time).

our test boards run the maytech remote (so far so good) but a mantafoils remote is in the works.

If some of you like to buy some of our prototypes units you can PM us or email at

we have a new limited quantity batch of those planned for end of november.

regarding final product pricing, well won’t be the cheapest but we are doing our best to provide a price sensible product.

finally the BIG question… when are we ready… well, most probably end of Q1, early Q2 2021.

we have no rush to launch the product so we will do when we consider it ready.

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Nice to see more is coming up…At what price will it sell?

We expect to be around 7kUSD but that could change when we release it.

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For the diyers interested in some components and efoils parts feel free to private message us or email at for inquiries.

More info to come… Meanwhile… Enjoy the pictures…


Why? You wont provide any information on what parts are available and pricing. I know, ive tried.

Maybe you could just tell us whats available and what the prices are instead of wasting peoples time directing them to an unhelpful email address.

Why do you offer two different fuselage solutions ?

`[quote=“michion, post:16, topic:6888, full:true”]

Why? You wont provide any information on what parts are available and pricing. I know, ive tried.

Maybe you could just tell us whats available and what the prices are instead of wasting peoples time directing them to an unhelpful email address.

What makes you think the email address is unhelpful?

We price customized requirements directly. If it becomes too much of a headache we will simply not do it.
I thought people would be happy to have the opportunity to get some items they can’t build themselves…


The fuselage with our mono v3 fuselage below allows for using it also as wingfoil board by switching to a conventional mast.
It also protect more the engine unit in case of teaching and rentals. However it has the wings further down and therefore the other option with compact fuselage allows for a longer mast. We so far tested successfully our 86cm mast with it and it’s so much peace of mind when riding… You are not afraid of breaching out.

In terms of stability the difference is not crazy…

Also we are flexible enough to be able to make adapters for other brands fuselage on demands (cost might be high but we are open to it). Our mast is 2xM8 40mm appart

After the first email response saying you dont have a price list, further emails requesting parts haven’t been unanswered. I consider that unhelpful!

I was happy… but quickly realised it not a real opportunity.

EDIT: Emails gone missing their end. Me getting bent out of shape about it and over-reacting. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Apologies.