The Vx3 battery died

For some reason, things I don’t like don’t work for long. Flipsky Vx3 remote control 4 hours of operation, the result is that the battery is completely dead, the voltage is 2.4 volts, it does not charge.

Was it left in a discharged state for a long time?

You may be able to “jump start the battery” by applying 4V across the terminals. This will trick the BMS into turning on, after which normal charging should resume. Monitor the battery for any swelling, be ready to throw it outside.

BMS has passed into another world) Thanks for the warning, a 16 A/h li-po battery once caught fire in my hands. What saved me was the availability of a gas mask and the proximity of the bathroom. Extinguishing lithium with water is not a good idea, but there were no sandbags nearby. Fortunately, the fire was avoided, but I remember the incident itself for a long time.

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I fixed it


What did you do to repair?

I unsoldered the working BMS from the dead battery and soldered it in place of the burnt one. This is all. All that remains is to fill it with silicone.

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Some 2-3 years ago, there was a thread showing the replacement of an identical 3.7v Lipo battery of a Maytech remote with a spare found on aliexpress. Same thing with the screen. Flipsky or Maytec, spare batteries and screens do exist for cheap.

Might be a good ocasion to replace the whole battery with a new one bofore sealing everything again.

I ordered it right away. Then I thought that there was no point in waiting several weeks, the repaired battery should be fine, and the new one would be like a spare.

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