Throttle sensitivity feedback please

Im looking for peoples thoughts on how provide good throttle control to the ESC.

I am running a Winning remote and Im finding it way to sensitive. Initally I had a the ESC set to 25% on start up, but this was causing huge power surges that I couldnt control. This ultimately destroyed one of my props. I adjusted the startup power to 60% which has helped avoid the massive surge of power, but Im still finding the thumb throttle too sensitive and hard to control.

I run a flier 320A Boat ESC if anyone has advise on the throttle settings it would be great. Currently I have it set to 60% power on startup and on the exponential throttle curve.

I think Im at the limits of SLS Nylon printed props, but my second one is holding up for now. Im thinking of printing in PC next. Im really happy with the performance of the Prop MaB designed. It has more power than I was ever expecting with 360kv SSS and 5:1 Neugart.

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Which diameter did you print it with please ?

Straight from STL file. 145mm from memory.

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im having similar issues with my flier esc. the best settings ive had so far is 20% throttle 11 for motor timing

I think it has to do with the motor timing, what motor are you using and how many poles does it have?

I have the SSS 360 KV and Im running at 5 degrees to keep the torque up and the heat down. I think it is a 6 pole motor.

Ive isolated my problems to the remote signal now because when I connect a servo tester it runs perfectly. Im going to modify the remote with a B1 03 potentiometer and a deadman switch.

Also my water cooling pickup on the duct didnt work so the flier esc was cutting out from high temperature. It is good to know that feature works. I need to wait for a 6v pump to arrive now.

What issues are you having with your Flier ESC?

ok cool, i might test mine with a servo tester as well. I have the the issue minimized to the best i can. My motor is a 24N 20P configuration, can you suggest what pole settings I should run for this to keep the torque up?

currently running 11

Also I tried a small 6v pump diaphragm pump and found it to not be very good so i swapped it out for a 12v 130psi pump which is amazing

My understanding of motor timing is a bit lacking. What I know is the lower the timing the higher the torque. I also know the higher you go the more heat is generated. I think at about 15 degrees, heat becomes an issue for these motors. There was a thread on here about motor timing and 8 degrees seemed to be optimal for these motors for our application.

Thanks for the heads up about the 6v pump. I wanted to utilise an extra 6v power lead from my existing bec. Maybe Ill have to add another 12v bec.

@michion @DavidC
I would actually suggest 0-5 degrees, there is really no need for more. 0 will give you maximum torque and more is unnecessary for a 6 pole motor, >8 degrees will produce way too much heat. Absolutely no reason to risk it.

You will not get maximum power from the motor at 0 degrees. The motor needs some timing advance to generate full power.

It depends on the motor of course and I can’t proof it experimentally, but generally as a rule of thumb for 6 pole inrunners 0-5 degrees are the way to go in my opinion. And I would start at 0 and only go higher if I experience power issues and I can confirm that the temps are fine with temperature sensors.

Yeah, I guess it depends on the motor. Im running the SSS 360kv so ill take all of the theoretical 18k rpm I can get. Im not worried about overheating in the 5-8 degree advance range. If I was running the 500kv like a lot of people are, I probably would run lower timing as it has plenty RPM.

Yes, that sounds reasonable. The 360kv might be different timing wise anyway.

what would you suggest for a 20p config haha?