Thrust bearing needed on flipsky direct drive?

Hi, are there people here using the flipsky 65161 motor without a thrust bearing? I ordered one for a simple build but I’m not sure if I can keep it simple by not using this bearing. I saw some people using it between the motor and prop but maybe this can be done in the motor too? I would like to hear some sugestions.

Is there anyone with some toughts about this?

Some have used a thrust bearing and some haven’t. There are no real stats yet as to whether its really needed or not.

Oke, I think I will try without. I see that a lot of ball bearings rate 1/3 - 1/2 radial load to axial load. I will give it a try

I just had the Flipsky fail in what appears to be a axial load failure. Tore the windings in the front of the motor free and looks to have had the front of the shaft contact the front of the motor housing. May also have been a duct failure (the duct was lost in the incident) or the duct failure may have been due to an axial faliure. Hard to tell which came first. Any recs for thrust bearings for the 65151 motor? I would rather not repeat this.

I have installed a thrustbearing after some water damage to the original bearings. You can instal it in place of the rear bearing and only need to make one bushing shorter because this bearing is 12mm instead of 8mm in thickness.

3001-2RS Bearing 12x28x12mm double row angular ball bearing

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After pulling the end of the motor it looks more like a thermal failure. I put a plastic sleeve around the housing and I believe that this insulated the motor enough to overheat. Still wondering if I should put a trust bearing in the redesign.