Tips for mounting Flycolor x-Cross 120A

Hey everyone, I am working on mounting two Flycolor X-Cross 120A ESCs in a box for a tow boogie. My plan is to mount them to an aluminum plate that will have contact with the outside. The ones I got have a full metal face on one side, and on the other side two big capacitors and a heatsink. Do people have tips for how to mount this? My first inclination is to put some thermal grease between the bit metal face and my aluminte plate, and just leave the heat sinks exposed to the inside of my box and hope that is good enough. Planning on use 10AWG wires for the phases, with 6mm bullet connectors.

I used some 40 x 40 x 3mm aluminium square tube. Ripped down through and then machined 0.5mm on each inner face for pcb clearance (will Kapton tape for insulation. Back face of X Cross touches outside heatsink and aluminium touches top of heatsink on top side as well as outer heatsink. Also mechanically protects, will seal with silicone once the cables come through.


Earlier version showing printed box housing bec and VX3 receiver.


Wow, that is intense, and great. Do folks think that it is necessary to add this much cooling? Just curious what people think.

I have had good success with attaching the flat heatsink side to an external heatsink with thermal epoxy or glue. I have a 1/4 in piece of aluminum sandwiched in between to fill the gap of the box.

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I gonna try 160A ESC fully inside with fans.

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