Tons of Parts For Sale

I have well over $4,000 worth of efoil build parts for sale at a deep discount if someone is looking for a package deal. Many are new. They include three SSS56104 motors, two Neugart PLE40 5:1 reducers, two HobbyWing SeaKing V3 130A BL esc’s, one Flier Waterproof brushless ESC 16S 400A, a high quality Chinese foil and literally dozens of other items. Virtually everything you need to do the Pacificmeister build. I even have a board complete with foil mount but that would have to be local pick in Tampa area. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all. I’m most interested in a single sale for everything but will consider partial purchases. Thanks!

Nooooo! I can’t believe you’re throwing in the towel before you came by the Hackerspace! We have working efoils and tons of insider knowledge all within your grips! Come by and see what we got going on first Carl!

LOL…Thanks Tyler. I just haven’t found the time to get back to it. Maybe one of those guys is looking for a great package deal?

Perhaps! Come by and check the place out. I’ll bring my efoils! The 400a Flier might be of interest to me too!

Does anyone have a working e-foil they would like to sell? With or without batteries?

I will have two available shortly! Where are you based?

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Please let me know the price.

Last year my company Aerial 51 Ltd. teamed up with Flying rodeo for a limited run of efoils called the Flying Rodeo Canada Project. Custom built boards with a heat sink for thermal management. Custom built ESC from Sobek drives in Germany with Bluetooth programming via smart phone app. The design goal was to build the most reliable, efficient and lightest efoil possible. 40 lbs. all up weight. A 60 amp hour Lipo battery made it possible. All of the units were pre-sold but due to the Corona virus situation but a few people had to understandably bail out. I do have one unit I would consider selling to someone in Canada. Stunning

155 cm black board. I am located in beautiful British Columbia.

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Check out aerial51ltd on Instagram for more videos and photos.

@Bufadore Kontronic having merged with SOBEC, which ESC did you use as a base for your custom ESC ? Was it a WATERCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV-I (~ 860€ or 1070usd) ?

Wish I would have known! lol… I was so mad at David @Flying_Rodeo for making some boards and not letting me know!

The production capacity was very low on the board building. I was in Slovenia with David last summer. He was at full speed filling previous orders. I don’t think he could have made more boards than he did. Also my boards were the only ones done with external heat sinks.

Did you ever sell those 2 boards you were going to have available?

Do you have a Maytech Remote for sale?