Toronto Area Builders?

Anyone here from the GTA? Maybe we can pool some resources or organize a meetup.

I’m in Etobicoke a few steps from the lake and building a jet drive currently based on Maui Man’s design.

I have a 3D printer and could potentially print some parts for people.

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I’m in Kitchener. Have mostly been riding in Muskoka but will probably try to ride more local this year.

My build is here:


I’m using Waterfox’s build to try to build my own unit. Thanks for sharing your build information.
I live in Toronto and plan to ride in Muskoka as well.
I’ve got the board and foil, and have been stuck trying to get the drive unit built. Unfortunately work and life gets in the way of making progress.

Hey guys. Just wanted to say thanks to waterfox for sharing what you did. Your build seems very similar to what I was starting on. Including board and everything :wink: Wanted to ask how that build is going since then and if you’d entertain a few questions?

Muskokasurf: did you end up making this?

Claytonanderson: looks like I may be just around the corner from you and am curious how you’re doing with this too.

Hey, yeah this build has been running reliably for 2 seasons, about 40-50rides.

Happy to answer any questions. There is also a thread on here about the build called project beerwolf.

Good luck with your build!

Thanks Waterfox for sharing this and for being willing to answer questions. I’ll take those over to the build thread to keep things all together.

Do you have any local spots you ride? I’m also in Kitchener and I’m getting closer to having a functional efoil. Was thinking of testing in the river.

I don’t have any local spots actually.

Probably Conestoga Lake or Guelph Lake would be a good bet. They both have conservation areas you can access the water from.

You could also drive out to Longpoint on Lake Erie or Grand Bend on Lake Huron

I have a cottage at Sauble Beach so I’ll likely use it there the most. There’s a deep spot in on the Grand at hidden Valley that I may do some testing.

Anyone in the city willing to help me by letting me run any motor you have with my esc and an oscilloscope to make sure everything is fine? I have a broken motor but want to make sure the esc still works. Hard to test without motor. Seems to put out correct voltages and everything, but it doesn’t do much else without a motor.

Hi Mkefoil,

I have a 360KV SSS motor you can try if you like.

I’m at Lakeshore and Royal York.



Thanks @claytonanderson Just sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hey guys I’m located in Collingwood, not far from some of you. I have a bunch of parts, motors, ESC all here having build a few efoils over the past two years. I even have new board for $400 for if you want a good start. Love to chat efoils and supply parts if you want them quickly and want to save a few bucks, see here: Looking to buy ready to go Efoil bare Board - #22 by VeFoil - Foils & Boards -

Hey Guys,
Just starting out the insane over-researching phase of this build and with the covid shutdown I have time. I’m new to this and really any sort of building so it will be slow for me but glad there are people here doing this.

@VeFoil do you still have components?


Hey Clayton - I live in Toronto (at Dupont and Ossington). I’m a kiter and looking to get into the efoil world. Would love to learn more about what you’re doing and see where I can help out. Whats the best way to contact you? You can reach me at

Hi guys, great to see builders in the eastern Canada. I build custom efoils in Vancouver. I teamed up with Flying Rodeo last year for a limited run of high end units. I have a couple of MGM Compro ESCs I could let go for a good price. I switched to a custom solution. It, however works very well . You can check out Aerial51ltd or chris_wiseman1 on Instagram. Cheers.


Hey Robbie. Not sure if Clayton checks these forums these days. Nice guy though and maybe he already reached out to you. If not and you want to chat with a local kiter/efoil builder, feel free to reach out on here.

Hello MKE - would love to chat. I’m also a kiter. Would love to hit a kite session or grab a coffee and learn more about building efoils. I’m at Ossington and Dupont. You can reach me at I also have a wellness center with sauna / ice bath if you want to come try it.

@claytonanderson @waterfox @Muskokasurf @mkefoil @Daniel_Hines @Adfrank @robbiebent @Bufadore Trying to get fellow Canadian eFoilers organized prior to a November 12 Transport Canada meeting where they will be reviewing the current restrictions - if you are on FB please join group (Redirecting...) otherwise can start a dedicated thread here.

Sounds great but don’t have FB