Toto’s Tow Boogie built

I wanted to try this too, so I started a build.

Drivetrain is a sss56114 480kv with a 1:5 planetary gearbox.
Heere are some pictures


I wanted active steering so I added a rudder. The throttle and the steering will be controlled from the handle.
First run in the water was promising but torque is difficult. Maybe I will try to move the rudder more to the side.


So cool! Can you provide a link for the throttle steering mechanism?

bmc-world Thumb throttle, throttle lever, speed control, JST 3-pin, SM-3a, e-bike, electric bicycle, pedelec, scooter.

The diameter of the propeller is relative large(in proportion to the size of the boat) so yes torque might be a issue. Same problem on many bigger boats also. A few things might help. Moving the rudder closer to the propeller is one thing. Another is mowing weight to starboard side(RH propeller). Stationary it will lean, but at speed will straighten. This is common on “normal” size boats. Sometimes engine and propeller are installed offset to starboard to counter torque(outboard engines). Difficult to see from the picture but it looks like the shaft is a relative long distance without a support, would ther be any idea to install a shaft strut just before propeller to support the sideways torque from the shaft?

Interesting build anyway!

I did move the rudder out of the centreline. Next test tomorrow

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Handle bar controls are ready.


Only 1 wire to fix, then I could try if only temps would rise a little.


How’s the tow boat going in testing?

Well I drove it 2 times, and found out that this is not my thing.

Can you say more about that?

What do you want to know? I did not enjoy it. Speed was limited manoeuvrebility was limited…….