Tow boogie build

Okay so…after trying rather unsuccessfully to sell off my Takuma Carver 2 i decided to repurpose the parts and build a tow boog for myself. To be fair this is more of a “board build” thread as ive got all the batteries, ESC and the heoooowge motor that comprise this set up…So, i took an old Vader style blank ive had laying about for about 3 years and ser about it.

Ive shortened this to 135cm and made ii 60cm wide after getting some advice from @Strongarm and seeing some of the issues that the normal boogie shape produces (good and bad). Anyway, ive shaped the blank and gone with a custom cassette and aluminum tracks to get some adjustability and to help work out where the weight distribution is best. Ive built in alot of adjusatbility so i can move things about literally everywhere on it. I was thinking of sinking the deck 25cm to slot the battery in but ot only 55cm in height and hence pretty flat anyway so flipping is hopefully going to be less of an issue here…the idea here is versatility.

Im also goung to add a carbon bonnet, cowl, hood (whatver you wnat to call it)to add some flotation and streamline it uo the front to kill off nose dives… im using the back end of the blank and the rail offcuts to build a mold and ill then do vac bag a carbon skinned piece to bolt onto the board…

Im.still.considering rail shape currently butnit has a healthy amount of nose rose ricker witha slight V up front rolling out to dead flat at the back.

Anyway have a look…

…all comments welcome