Tow boogie - can you get away with a 6384?

Hi All,
I’m in the early stages of planning a tow boogie. I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Can a 6384 brushless motor do the job? I have seen it mentioned before but wanted to hear from anyone who has a working tow boogie using this motor. The main reason for using this is I have a spare one (after building a foil assist) and the cost is low.

If a 6384 can be used, what battery spec or voltage would you recommend?

I have a 8s3p battery for my assist but cannot imagine that will be anywhere near enough for me on a tow boogie at 90kg.

My main reasons for thinking of building one are to practise pumping initially and then to use to tow into small rollers on a prone board.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the 6384. If this motor is not powerful enough, would would be the most cost effective motor to look at?



Hi James,

I think the 6374 motors can handle around 2000w or so of power. With a 65161 motor I need about 3-4000w to get up with a 75l boards and a 1000cm2 wing, and up to 6000w on a small 35l board. I am 90kg though.

So it might work if you are light weight and have a big board and foil, but it won’t be as fun as a full sized boogie build.



You could use a 63100, the one I use for an efoil has 4500W (110A Battery current @12S). It is the sensorless one from APS.
You can also use this one and cut the sensor wires:

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to go to the effort of building one to then not have enough power so I will rule out the 6374/6384. Thanks.

Great. Thanks. That could be a cost effective way of doing it. That motor offers a lot more power than my 6384. Is it as simple as that regarding the sensor wire. You just cut it off, tape up the loose end and ignore it?

You will have to open it to „waterproof“ it anyways, so maybe you can even remove the sensor. If not, just cut the sensor wires, the rest of the motor is equal to a sensoreless model.

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This one looks exactly like the one I got from APS 2y ago:
Powerful Brushless DC Motor 14S 63100 130KV 4500w

You need to cut the shaft as it sticks out on the wrong side for our purpose. It has a flange to center the Prop and 4 threads to fix the prop or a flanged shaft. Needs ro be coated (with epoxy) and bearings should be replaced with stainless ones.

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This shop offers a 7kw 80100 130kv…

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