Tow boogie general design

Great thread! Are the existing dual motor boogies done with motors turning in opposite directions? Does anyone have a propeller stl file for 6368 motors for both turning directions? Thanks!

Thanks! So thats 156+112= 268mm c-c, which probably is on the wider end of optimal range for your board since you experience flipping, but maybe fine on a 60cm board. Keep the numbers coming! :grinning:

I made two boogies based on the Radbug 500 bodyboards - 41.5" and 43.5". The distance between the motor axles is 29 centimeters. The distance from the stern to the center of the motor cable entry is 34 centimeters. Towing point 33 centimeters. Data for 41.5".


Thanks for these precious infos, on the picture the width of your boogies.

I don’t know if we could establish a percentage of motor distance compared to the width of the board because the length is also important.

Hi @kkolli

You achieved such a nice dual motor tow boogie. Congrats :clap: BTW, good idea to add an angle in the pods for better stability

Are you happy with it ?

Would you mind telling us the boogie dims and where you set your pods (on forward ?) on the bottom compared to the tow point please ?

Yes, it’s a contra rotation propeller setup so you have to mirror one propeller during printing. It avoids torque issues when ramping up. You can chose both directions, each one has pro and cons.

It’s a @V_S propeller, you can find several iterations on the forum. Efficient and powerful.


Made some trials yesterday with

195mm distance between motors
300mm distance between back of the propeller and back of the board
520mm distance between back of the propeller and tow point.
Added the stoke fins to see if it makes something better. Why not ? :nerd_face:

Nothing really better by shortening the distance between motors, I lost manoeuvring capabilities when boogie comes back to pick me up (larger circle) and the flipping behaviour is the same when I ride on the sides.

I won’t go further with my actual board and will swap the setup on the huge 48’ boogie.
I tend to say that my actual board has not enough rocker and volume to have a good pivot point, there is too much rail length in the water.

Thx! The motors are placed in the center, the boogie is about 5,2”. I inserted two trackboxes and tried different positions. Behind the center the nose gets pushed out of the water, to much in front causes early cavitation of the props. Angularity of the pods causes major problems while 3d design and isn’t highly recommended I think. Boogie still need some design, but we still improving the technical things first. Runs now for hours without major issues, some leakage in the controlpanel has to fixed at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To keep you updated, I finally increased the length of the tow bar and it changes everything. The boogie sails very healthy and I can steer from foil and from Bremote.

I noticed if I foil too much outside the wake, the boogie takes some list, and I can counter balance the list by using the diff steering. Crazy how the board can turn flat and on a dime with diff steering. No flipping at all.


Is this white material PVC & contact adhesive?

It was a type of window flashing tape. I had left over from a shipping container conversion I did.

Almost nothing will stick to a HDPE plastic, but this stuff was incredible.

I’m not sure of the exact type, but similar to this

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@Etiennebzh Can you please share your dimensions for the 4’6 soft-top. Including motor width, motor distance from stern and also tow bar length from stern. Have you had better success with the 4’6 over the ~42 inch boogie? I’m about to start and have both options available.