Tow boogie on flat water?

I’ve ridden my tow boogie some 50 sessions now. My goal has been to improve my foiling skills for wing foiling and that has worked extremely well. Carving hard with the wing tip breaching the surface and foot swaps now feels super easy and natural. Jibes that before I started foiling after the tow boogie felt impossible are now close to 100% successful.

This is all great but what should I train on now during my tow boogie sessions? What do the rest of the crowd here do on their flat water tow boogie sessions besides carving and foot swaps?

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Mine just gets used for towing into swell. Flatwater you could be improving your pump game, not as difficult as dock starting.

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I’ve done a lot of pumping as well. Improved a lot. Also been riding sitting on the board. This trick will for sure not get you laid but it’s pretty fun. :grin:

There’s never swell without wind where I live so unfortunately no riding waves with my boogie.