Tow Boogie single motor to dual motor

My first single-motor Tow Boogie, which I considered a failure, had been sitting in my garage for a long time, and I thought why not convert it into a dual motor . What do you think about it?

I am planning to do similar, two motors hang from shorty mast but using a traditional mast plate, allow my efoil to be reconfigred into steerable tow boogie.

Why a failure? I’m about to start a (single motor) build and I don’t want a failure!

The fact is that we placed the battery compartment exactly in the middle of the board. Due to the high torque, the boogie constantly fell over one side. But even if you offset the battery to counteract the torque, it would only work in a certain speed range, so I decided that the boogie should have two motors.

Thanks, I’ve just been reading through JDubs dual motor build and have decided to go with that as I can re-use my motor and HV3 from assist project.

I think this is the right decision.