Trampa 75/300 VESC for Tow Boogie

Cheers everyone,
I’m following Valhalla’s tow boogie build. Such a cool guy who has helped me understand so much. I have also been combing over flight junkie’s build info. The more I read the more questions pop up. So sorry if they are minuscule.

  1. The closed loop connector on the VESC. Did I screw up and miss seeing it in the box from Trampaboards? What exactly is it called? Flight junkie mentioned that you need to buy JST 2.0 connectors back when he first got his. Is it used only when programming the VESC on a laptop?
  2. I’ve tried to educate myself on soldering so I can connect the battery and phase wires up. What exactly does the soldering job look like under the heat shrink in Valhalla’s and Flightjunkies aluminum box setup?
    I could only find one photo in my search that shows phase wires soldered.

Thanks so much! Hope I don’t blow myself up with those LIPO batteries!

So that closed loop should be in the box. If not you can make your own. For what is under that heat shrink its all 4 wires soldered together. So as for how I did it;

  1. Take the 8awg wire and strip about 3/4 of an inch of insulation off.
  2. Do the same for the 3 phase wires.
  3. Tape the 3 Phase wires together so its like a Triangle.
  4. Put the 8 awg wire in the middle of the triangle. A clamp is very useful to hold it all together.
  5. Solder one side at a time rotating as you go. Make sure it the end of the phase wire at the VESC end doesn’t get exorbitantly hot. Its helpful to have a good solder iron or even a small torch. If its too much heat just let it cool for a bit.
  6. Rotate the 4 wires and keep soldering as you go. Keep it clean and make sure all three phase wires have a good connection to the 8 awg wire. If not, redo it.
  7. Let it cool and add conformal coating’s. 2-3 applications
  8. Cover with insulation.

Thanks! I finally found the closed loop…on the Trampa website for 1 euro …but 76 euros to ship! I’ll have to make one. Are these the connectors to use?

Yep those are the ones. Here is a kit.

750 Pcs 2.0mm JST-PHR Connector Kit with 2.0mm Female Pin Header and 2/3/4 Pin Housing Connector Adapter Plug (JST Connector Kit)