Trampa vesc 75/300 new

Hi guys, I have some unused new trampa 75/300 vesc available for sale.

asking 400 USD shipped per unit.

Hey! still got these?

i have one left
where are you located?

sweden, does it got dual or single UART port?

Sorry i missed that i can use my eyes and look at the picture, single uart is fine :slight_smile:
Are you willing to ship to sweden?

sure yes can ship there.

400 usd for vesc with shipping

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very tempting, i’m just gonna try this: Could you do 350 maybe? :slight_smile:

BTW, is there any major difference between this version and the current gen vesc6?

sorry can’t discount it. especially when including already shipping cost.

this is a vesc 6.

Ye i get it, this damn Swedish currency is worth nothing atm so its a bit of a splurge… still much better then buying from trampa though.

I mean the newest version of vesc has some updates, but i cant find any info on what is changed between the version you got, and the latest version, i know the latest gen has an extra uart port, but its probably more that has changed?