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I tried to run my OutRunner Motor for the first time and the result can be viewed in the following video: ( Basically the motor is bipping and twitching a little bit what gives me the indication that the motor is receiving electrical power ( also measured it with a multimeter. Does anyone now what is happening? What is the reason for the bipping? I think that is related to the receiver beacuse i cannot make the Motor to rotate with the remote.

Hereby the links for the Motor and for the ESC:



that sounds like the remote is not connected or not calibrated.
when the ESC received a good signal from the receiver, it will do a final longer beep.

from your video it looks like you don’t have a BEC to power the receiver, and type of ESC doesn’t provide the 5v… (check it with your multimeter)

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Yes that was also my guess. I thought it was something related to the receiver also i just wanted to hear the feedback from someone with more experience than me.

I just have a question regarding the power supply of the receiver. Here’s a picture of the receiver:

As you can see it was multiple channels (normal for a receiver). Do you have any idea if i can provide power supply through the channel 2 and then connect the receiver to the ESC through Channel 1? Or do you know if i can use the Bind Channel? The throttle of the remote is communicated to the receiver in Channel 1 that’s why i want to connect the ESC to the receiver through Channel 1

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Yes, you can power it from ch2

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Thanks @jezypeti :smile: I will try it today :smiley: