True glide prop for Lift

Hi guys, really enjoying this site. You guys are WAY above my level but I’m really enjoying learning. I currently have a folding prop for my Lift but would like the option of a free spinning “true glide” like Flite has. Could anyone point me in a direction as to how to accomplish the is? I’d like to retrofit a prop if possible! TIA!

You can always drill out the trueglide from 11 to 12mm…
The folding prop is superior in most conditions though, so I do not see the point if you own it allready.


Drill out the bearing? If that’s all I can certainly do that. I wasn’t sure if the bearing can be drilled on. The thing about the true glide is, unlike the folding prop, you can stay slightly powered when on the wave. If you have even a little power with the folding prop, it half folds the prop and keeps spinning which actually reverses the thrust. Instant crash.

You should get this prop from Europe…it is made for several 12mm shafts and will fit the liftfoil as well;-)
universal folding prop

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Well you drill out a stainless steel sleeve that acts as the bearing inner ring. Easy to remove. You also need to make an adaptor ring to sevure with lifts M6 screw.
Still i would re-iterate to learn the folding prop you have, it is superior in all usecases also transition to no powered. It takes some time for true-glide to change direction with quite some jerk…

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I appreciate the reply! I always ride with my folding prop and usually ride in the waves! Here’s a clip from my home spot. I’m just looking to have another option besides the folding prop.

This looks really great!