Turn E-skateboard into Efoil

Hi, I have an Electric Skateboard I would like to try to turn into a Efoil. I want to get some thoughts and opinions. Below are the specs of the E-Skateboard. Could I use all the guts and get a new motor that would work better? I think the motor needs a higher wat output.

Any help on determining what would be a good motor for this setup?!


22 MPH / 13 Mile Distance / 6.6 lbs

General Specs
Power (SOLO & Cruiser): 840 W Max.
Rider Weight Limit: Tested to 110 kg / 240 lbs (riders on heavier end should opt for R drivetrain)
Drive System: FOC with Regenerative Braking
Throttle: Remote Control with user-tunable parameters
Battery Specs
Type: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 36 V nominal | 42 V max.
Capacity: 2.5 Ah
Charging Time: 80 minutes (each / using 2 A charger)
Connectivity: CAN bus to other Batteries and Cores
Enclosure material: Fiber-reinforced nylon (tough as nails!)
USB Type-C port for charging accessories
Sealed to IP65 spec

Charger Specs
Input: 100 V – 240 V | 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Working Temperature: -10 °C to 40 °C
Charging Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
C Charge Time (2 A): 2 Hours and 30 minutes
Charge Time (3 A): 1 Hour and 50 minutes

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… unless you can already surf/paddle foil and you’re just looking for an help to get into the waves, i don’t think it’ll work.
The power is on the low side… i’m not sure if anyone manages to foil with less than 1kW (continuous, not just max)
The battery is way too small too: even if you can foil <1kW, that would give you 6 minutes of autonomy…

If I added extra batteries and got a better motor would that make a difference?

Then your problem will be the ESC that most likely won’t handle the power…
That skateboard is a commercial product so they are probably using the smallest ESC that can do the job…
The only re-usable components might be the receiver and remote, but even then, you’ll have to make the remote waterproof…
Wait for others point of view before scrapping the idea though…