Types of Motors

Hey guys!

Pretty new here, I’m really a beginner when it comes to motors and there are some things I don’t quite understand so I thought I would ask for help. I’m trying to build an e-foil with my collegues at work for a project and I want to use a motor that’s different than the SSS 56104 500KV since we want to purchase our motor through one of our distrubutors and that model isn’t on it. Sadly, purchasing it through ebay would mean a lot of extra paperwork. I have a few questions and hope someone might have an answer :smiley:

What are the specifics I should mostly concentrate on?
Is it possible to use a motor that doesn’t require a gear-box?
Does it have to be a brushless motor or can I use a brushed one as well?
If I make a housing for the motor that can protect it from water, can I use a motor that’s not necessarily for boat models?

Thank you in advance!

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I found this one https://hobbyking.com/de_de/turnigy-aquastar-t20-3t-730kv-1280kv-water-cooled-brushless-motor.html that I think might work, but I’m worried the Power isn’t enough. How can I pair it to a planetary gearghead?

Plenty of info on forum. But basically, smallest motor with biggest torque which rpm (voltage applied) matches propeller u would like to use. Direct drive without gearbox works mostly on outrunners with propeller and with inrunners paired with impeller. Check out build threads, plenty of detailes there and most of them are already flying.

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