Upgrading ESC from 75100 Pro(looking for opinions)

Been playing around with the 75100 esc for a couple of months now which has worked but has been limiting me a little so looking to upgrade. Trying to decide between the 75200, 75300, or 75350 as well as deciding to watercool or not. Currently I have my 75100 pro attached to a radiator that sticks out of my current electronic box and temperatures get high but not too high, but do plan on doing longer rides so not sure at what point I would encounter thermal throttling which I would like to avoid. Does a higher rated esc still heat up as much as a lower rated one when the lower one is near its max current and higher rated one only running at 50 percent of what it is capable of? Anyone running the 75200 Aluminum esc with 65161 and not encountering thermal throttling? Prefer not to complicate the build with water coolilng but understand if its a necesity to get longer ride times without reaching a thermal throttle point.

I use a 90mm fan to cool a hi100 makerx, and it works great for several hours. Simple, reliable, no leaking

What motor are you using and are you efoilinf or just using as assist? The Hi100 seems like it is pretty limited on current.

65161 on tow boogie. Up to 3kw to start, 1kw or less while foiling, efficient wings like the Art pro 1201