US Wing Foil spots - nationwide

Ok so let’s start this one. Here goes a light guide on some of the main areas that winging is getting off the ground. Not thrilled that we didn’t rank. Maybe next year. :joy:

Where are you folks riding? I wanna hear about Texas and FL.

I have been in the Jacksonville, Florida area for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I am currently at Huguenot Memorial Park in North Jacksonville and it is amazing. There is a bay that is full at high tide and it’s perfect for learning. There is good surfing on the other side of the dunes north of the north jetty. The downside to this place is the Mayport naval base across the river has constant helicopter traffic. I’m willing to overlook the noise for this incredible landform though.

The Cocoa Beach area is also apparently a good spot. I only efoiled there at a place on the Banana River called the 520 slick.

I stopped at Cape Hatteras on the way down. Pamlico Sound is quite good but you have to be careful of water depth. Obviously the Atlantic side is there when you are ready for it.

I have some friends who are avid kite boarders and spend time at South Padre Island in Texas. They are trying to get me to go there but I’m a little concerned with the water depth. It sounds similar to Pamlico in that it’s shallow for a long way. I don’t really want to buy a shorter mast and I have hit bottom and gone over the handlebars too many times already.

BTW, your link would not work for me and I couldn’t find the article.

Hey, yes, weird that article is gone.

Thanks from this man. If you’re down in Cocoa area look up Dwight from Foil Surf Machines. @foilsurfmachines on Instagram. There’s a crew of wingers down there and some good spots I hear.

I’m determined to get to FL next winter. These SoCal winters are too cold for me. :joy:

I’ve got family in Texas so I want to check Padre as well. But they are closer to Houston so I’ll probably get into the Bay there first.

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