Used E3 Lift Foil Board 4'9

So my friend is selling his old board because. he just got a 4’2. So the Board includes a bag and nothing else. No ESC Box or antennae. There are registration stickers on the side but those will be removed once it is sold. I just took pictures of it once it was delivered. Price is $2800 including the carry bag. This board is very well made and makes building a efoil that much easier. Would like to keep it in SoCal but can ship in the continental US if buyer pays shipping.

Hi, I’m interested in the used Lift Foil board. Is it still available? Where in CA are you?

Yes still available. I’m in the Huntington Beach area.

Thanks Tom, I wouldn’t be able to pick it up locally any time soon so if no one picks it up from you send me an email and I would be willing to pay for shipping.

Hey, is the board still available?

No, sorry, its no longer available.