Using an "eSk8" ESC Remote

Hey guys I’m Eden and ive been following this great forum for the past two years-ish
I need your help regarding an “ESC Substitute” that used to power an e-Skateboard
It comes with a mini/nano remote that many of you are already familiar with, all I need is basically to be able to somehow get the PWM signal so I can connect it to another ESC.
I also bought a FlySky 3ch receiver that I’ve been told should bind with that remote with no issues.
However I tried to bind them countless times but didn’t seem to work.
My main receiver died so I guess I’ll have to try and mess around with what I have lying around.
Attached pictures of “ESC Substitute” circuit and the remote that it comes with.
Thanks in advance, Have an awesome day!

This remote is not mini/nano remote, it is esc substitute remote and you can not bind it to anything else. Receiver is permanently in esc and there is nothing you can do.

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