VBMS app not allowing me to change settings

I just built my second battery pack using the 300A ANT-BMS. I used the VBMS app to set the first pack up, and it works fine. I just fired the second pack up and it will connect and show voltage on my phone through the VBMS app but it will not allow me to change any setting on the settings page. Anyone else have this issue? I would love to find a fix before I seal the battery up. I know there is a MAYIBMS app that can be downloaded but it looks sketchy.

Hey Nate,

I also used ant BMS on my batteries. The older versions of the BMS are able to be programmed by VBMS. The newer versions though require another app. I had the exact same issue, that I was able to read the values, but wasn’t able to change any settings.
I attach a screenshot of the new app, here you can download: