VEFoil / Concept in France or Europe?

Hi Everybody,

Just a small message from France.
I really like this jet propulsion project and plan to pre-order (as backer) the VEJet (available here : Other parts can be find/made here in Europe.
Is there other european citizen interested in this project here ?

Have a nice day !

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Hey I´m interested too, but is it correct price 4300??? only the thruster setup??
If I thumb up everything this will end up in a total of 8000 or more??? If this is correct I better get the etakuma efoil which already works perfect and can use as wakefoil and kitefoil as well!!!

Take a look here =>

The VeCarve Complete System is USD$7,997.00

And you are right - the etakuma is really nice :+1:


The motor pod cost is insane! Flying rodeo is doing a motor setup for around 1580 and is fully aluminium and faster. Also built in Europe so no customs if you in Europe.


Been following Vefoil from Kickstarter. THEN “DIY electric-foil board”.

Here is a quote directly from kickstarter

“When I first heard about the electric surfboard and electric hydrofoil I knew I wanted them, but off the self-versions were simply way overpriced. That’s when I started designing and building my own.”

Perhaps it will remain overpriced for now.

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ay this stage small diameterJet motors offer 1/2 the ride time
yes less cross section surfsce are.
the gain goes nowhete near the the trade off.
have fun with 1/4 the batteryrun time
ive tried to stick body psrts into a ducted prop and its fair to say that its extremely unlikely you could do if you tried.
onedsy maybe breakthroughs will be made.
now for historic data.whats the frequency of or have you ever herad of anyone being injured by a ducted cowling prop.
I work with facts and reactive likleyhood abd probability scenarios.
i dont see the point.

im a marine safety consultant and asses both prop in nozzele or cowling and jet.
im not bagging the jet there are pris and cons to all mods.
the current effenicies comparisons verses potential abd when i use potential it invariably must be linked to probabilty
I cant see the cost benefit advantage. anywhere
unless your selling batteries
becuase yiull need them
and try pulling sea weed out of a jet for fun

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The price war has started.
The FR motor setup is also interesting if shipped outside Europe:
1580€ inside Europe = 1580/1.2 export (ExVat) = 1316€ that is (x1.1485) = 1511 USD + shipping + import tax
At 1740€ for motor + mast and mast plate, that’s 160€ for the extra mast and plate ie just 60€ more expensive than the GONG mast and plate.

The e-Takuma is a nice surprise: 6490€ = 5408€ ExVat = 6211 USD + shipping + import tax (Takuma announced 5990USD for export in Nov 18)
They sell an extra clever Bluetooth remote control with charger for 124€ (118USD Exvat). It’s been developped with BBTalkin, Bluetooth intercom specialist. They don’t precise if they will sell it as an independant remote (no board purchase) with extra bluetooth module for ESC side.
@Hobie17, Takuma are based in Lille, France and therefore offering a local support.
They seem to be using the same battery case manufacturer as Lift.
At 89€, they are obviously not using the same High End Delta Q battery charger seen here:

VeConcepts from Canada have adopted this Canadian charger that they sell 597USD.

Very interesting answers.
Before anything, the big question is :

What is in the box ?

@SoEFoil, @Jezza the VEjet package include :
– Complete jet drive
– Waterproof electrical box (wires and connections included)
– ESC motor computer controller
– Waterproof remote and receiver
– Installation hardware

Flying Rodeo :

Direct drive motor (nominal 48v)
Hand polished prop
Mast halter
Clamps on mast
Completly waterproff motor
Extended high quality cables 1,2m
Duct (safety guard)
(no motor controller)

The E-Takuma BT remote control from BBTalking could not be purchased separately for know…

@Nicknsquid, about autonomy, you seems to be right (on paper, probably on water too)

E-Takuma (48V 35A) : On water, battery autonomy is between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on conditions and your level.
VeConcept (60V 42 A) : Our Samsung Lithium-Ion IP68 waterproof batteries are swappable and provide 35-45 minute ride time depending on your weight/speed/skills.

And about injuries, i have never heard of anyone being injured by a ducted prop, maybe it is not an issue, for my personal practice it is not an issue for sure. I’m very sensitive obout safety, i began kitesurfing 1998 and saw many bad things.

From my point of view regarding your remarks, my price for a vejet delivered in France by a friend is not so bad BUT the autonomy is an issue.

… and YES Gong offer nice cheap products to complete the set.

Add to this a DIY battery, i will spend 5000€ for a complete set with NO developpement, only little adaptation… Not so bad i think when your want to keep your time for riding and working…

You are so right… As backer a’m i little desapointed by those final prices even with backers discount.


Good thing is that we got options.
Off- the shelf vs DIY route .

Its either money or time oneself will spend to get an e-foil.

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