VeFoil Impeller question

Does anyone know what the final impeller size was for the VEFOIL just the diameter. Im working on a school project but want to avoid gearbox. I don’t have to get up on foil for the project just have to go through the testing phase recording my results as I go. It would be nice to just start with a proven diameter

Are you particularly looking at a jet setup, or would prop work too? What type of budget have you got for the project?

prop would work but I am opposed to using a gearbox. I Already have the motor batteries esc from a previous airplane project and have a foil from my summer days. the motor is a 56123 400KV 15000W. My father owns a machineshop so I have access to CNC Milling and lathes.

Why opposed to using a gearbox?
Impeller wise, there are the MHz ones, Vefoil, Onean and some 3D printed options. The Onean are 63.5mm diameter, I think Vefoil is in a similar region. Mhz makes a few options, 52, 58, 64.

opposed to gearbox for simplicity and cost. since I already have a majority of the components spending 300 dollars on a gearbox doesn’t interest me much, Especially after reading about them burning up. Also sourcing them for cheap seems like it could take time which I don’t have.

Wow vefoils is in the 64mm range? from pictures it looks smaller.

My plan is to take an impeller model it then scale it to a proven size and go from there.

Jetski impeller*
start by 3d printing for tests then use most successful for a mold to make it out of carbon fiber