Verr Weird ESC Issue HiFei Swordfish X plus 300A

I am experiencing a very strange ESC issue!
When I power up the ESC it runs perfectly. However when I let the throttle drop down to a stage that the motor no longer spins, then the ESC will stop and I cant get the motor to spin up again no matter what I do with the throttle.
If I power cycle the ESC then I can get the motor to spin up again, but the same happens every time I zero the throttle and stop the motor.
I have calibrated the throttle on the ESC
I have tested the Tx Rx on other ESC’s and it works fine.
I have adjusted parameters on the ESC
The only thing I can’t do is download the log file from the ESC as the software keeps crashing when it gets to the end…

@Alexandre have you had any weird issues with the Hifei ESC’s that are like this?

I had two of them and both would act up to the point of loosing my mind.

it will nice to be able to read the log file to see what is going on, for the crashing issue at the end:

  • erase all software and drivers
  • download from manufacter website the lastest software
  • install it not the driver software, not on C:/

datalogging will work if you run a certain amount of time the motor depending on sample rate, i recall at least 30s
you will have a couple of log that can be read from the download file, classified by date, in the folder where you install the software

is the problem on load or off load? it can be the amp load protection …

i run my swordfish 8S 200A all 2018 and it is still running

my hifei 300A 12S heli lasted about 1min on load …

It stops working off load (when the throttle gets to where it would be zero throttle).
It might be because I don’t have a capacitor bank yet, but not too sure.
I am also going to test with my normal RC remote and see if there is an issue with the remote.
I was struggling to get logs from the system, but will try run the motor for a minute or 2 today and see what happens.

When downloading data, whats connected to the ESC? Battery or just USB?

It does sound like a capacitor issue. I’d wait until you have the capacitor bank and try again.

with my 8s: data cable (which looks like usb but it is not and don’t try standard usb) and bec
with the 12s: just data cable (but heli esc)

read the manual: recording time vs sample rate vs min running time :wink:

you should be able to download log the same way you can programme it , crashing issue at the end is a software bug not power

data cable to the esc, run hifei, if it is found the esc (if you did the rest on top : new soft not on C:/…) can you do everything
if not found try to power the esc (i add this issue with my 8S)

you can see the number of log you have but if they are to short you cannot download them, the first log will erase by the lastest when memory is full, when the logs are downloaded , you will see just 1 log (the first or the last?) but if you go to the folder pc file you have access to the others by date