VESC 6.4 cables

Hey builders,

I just received my VESC 6.4. What ab beautiful ESC :slight_smile:. As I read here, AWG 8 cables are highly recommended. On the VESC, there are only AWG 11. Has someone changed the cables or is it possible to use those cables for this short way ?

Where did you get it from? Is it the Trampa V6?
I got mine from stewii (ESCape) and just changed for AWG8 with AS150 and 8mm Bullet Connector for the SSS360, but if it is Trampa you will loose your warranty if you do anything to the ESC I guess…

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Yeah Trampa, now risk warranty with better cables or risk ESC with melting cables :thinking:?
Right now I have no idea how much current I need. I will be using a TP-Motor 4070 with 780 kv and a 6:1 reisenauer gear.

personally, I would not risk the warranty. How long are the cables? 15cm? 30cm?
you will have/need a nice heatsink at the ESC either way and the only thing are losses and inductions by slim cables. So get nice cables before it and after it and you still can change them if you don’t like it.

(tipp: the VESC has a motor temp NTC input, get a 10kOhm NTC like this and put it on your cables/connectors, if you don’t like it then, you can still change them, also I would get a cheap HM-10 module, then you can recorde everything via Ackmaniac APP on your phone. After testing you can attach your NTC to the motor and have a temp safety cutoff :wink: )

I left the thin cables thinking that if it is rated for 120A, they probably selected suitable cables. I also don’t want to risk breaking the VESC. I am more concerned about the comparibly tiny bullet connectors.

using 12S or 8S like me ?

12s but right now 20V from a lab power supply.

Hey Alexandre,

Your setup inspired me so I bought the same :grin:.
I am using 12S. Did you made experience with your setup? Enough trust, amps drawn?

not yet , hopefully next week,just missing one plate for the mast , i didn’t want to to put the cables through the board , 12s would be fast if you use the same propeller :wink:

Can this ESC meet your requirements?

I don’t know, it rated only for 60Amps continuous, an I think we need more than that