VESC 75100 cut off under load at 63% throttle

It is useful to use logging. Later, you can analyze the log and find out what the problem is.
You will need a Bluetooth module + smartphone.
The Bluetooth module is very cheap. There are many different types of them. Something like that:

@Strongarm thanks for the tip, BLDC and max 300A did the job, it flies.
Unfortunately the amps destroyed the battery, its deformed and smells of ozone.

This 75100 pro has BT so maybe I’ll try to get a log with my phone on the shore. I don’t get how a 6384 can draw so much power. Maybe something is off with the windings.

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it’s probably a motor control issue, you can try gradually increasing throttle to full load in water with the vesc tool live data displayed, like strongarm suggested. If motor control is poor then the loss of current control and max abs cutoff will be visible on the graph.

You can also post the motor parameters from the identification here to verify if they are reasonable.

Changing abs max current to 300A will give you more headroom if motor starts losing control but does not solve the basic issue.

What size battery are you running? I’ve pushed up to 120A through a 6384, they can take quite a bit of current when cooled.

Did the static test with log (see file below) however no cutout. =)

Probably due to low power because the battery is dead: 108A and 36v at beginning and 55A 34V at the end of a short test. Its 11s so should give at least 40v after full charge.

Will try again with new Lipo soon.