Vesc aluminum box

Hello guys.
What dou you guys think will this box be good enough for keeping vesc cool.
Im planing to fill box with mineral oil and have vesc submerged in.
Thinking about aditional oil pump and circulation and external heat exchanger but dont know will i need that with this box.

HRK 68.09 | 1289478mm custom aluminium electronics enclosure amplifier die cast aluminum case IP67 signal project housing box

Good find. The fins and two threaded bungs are a nice bonus. Looks like it could work great to me, provided that the ESC fits and it indeed seals wells. Which VESC are you going with?

I think to.
I should fit, i hope my Vesc is 120x80x35mm
I made my own Vesc, pretty much same as 75-300 version but diferent layout and mosfets.

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Cool. Any more info about it??

Also, why oil circulation instead of the tried and true passive water cooling which you could just stick a heatsink to the outside of the box with thermal paste?

What do you wanna know.
I dont know real specs now.
Didnt test it to full limits only 220A, but i think it can survive 300-350 for short period of time.

Yes, that is good idea, bit i dont have hole in my mast for water hose.

Passive cooling is the preferred method in my opinion. Adds some weight for the heat sink but on the other hand, there is not much that can fail, no water inside the ESC box neither. I use an aluminum box attached to a 4mm aluminium plate to cool a 75200 Vesc. Max. Mosfet temp measured from VESC was 60 degrees with 15 degrees ambient temperature and 11 degrees water temp. Some room to the Vesc mosfet temp. limit of 85 degrees so I hope it will be fine in summer as well.

If your Vesc is similar to the Trampa VESC`s you could as well have used the customized VESC Box from Order is only possible directly via mail Fits almost all mast plates, and standard 90mm US Box displacements of any surfboards, I even know a guy that uses it together with the foil mount, that is just glewed to an SUP… Incredible how strong this connection is…

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That is realy one nice box, but i doubt i will fit for my purpuse, because everthing about my foil and board is costum, nothing is standard, nor mast, nor connection to board.

Mine either, but everything was possible to modify, only standard it needs is 90mm US-Box (mast Screw) displacement;-)

Ive forgot they have 2 versions, 1 already perfectly matches the mosfets of trampa VESCs