VESC Express dongle?

Just seen this at Esk8 forum … cannot find anything about it here.
Has anyone seen this? Tried it? Are the flipsky ESC capable to connect it?—p-35231.html

I bought one but didn’t test it yet.

I have just ordered as well. I know there is (was) metr, but this one is from VESC, a little cheaper and has WiFi. Need to check this.

Bought one, installed & tried it. GPS works, SD card writing works. But it does not log anything. :roll_eyes:
After fumbling around with wifi settings, it doesn’t show up in CAN device list anymore (ESC connected via USB).

Connecting the Express directly via USB-C works, it shows up in VESC Tools, but no log files. Annoying. :yawning_face:

Did you have any luck with it?

Any updates on this? Did you or Lars get yours to work?

Haven’t gotten to it yet, i’m working on the board where i’ll use it!