VESC for foil assist

I have built a foil assist with a 7s3p battery and Hobbywing max 6 esc. I plan to move to a 8s3p battery soon.

I find the power drops quickly as the battery voltage drops. If I move to a VESC can I programme the controller to even out the voltage discharge curve to keep the voltage constant for longer?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a VESC for a foil assist please.


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The power drops as the voltage battery drops, i think there i not many options, as far as i know, you could improve the size of the battery or also with good quality cells suited for higher discharge rate, for example molicel p42 2170 or similar, that way there will be less voltage sag. You could also use a motor with lower kv, lower kv means more torque at lower speeds, so it doesn’t need to go high on revolutions so voltage will be just a bit less important.
With a vesc controller there is many options available to configure your setup, you can play with the acceleraion curves, field weakening or MTPA algorithms.
Unfortunalely there is no such an option to level out the voltage in vesc, i think it is more battery related.
i did used in several projects, no foil yet but soon, the vesc little focer v3, i dont know yet for this application but maybe it is a bit overkill?? it’s up to 20s and 250 phase amps.

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@Flux Thanks for the reply! I am running a 7s3p setup. I plan to upgrade it to 8s3p. My motor is a 120 Kv. I am not sure what cells are in my custom made battery but I can find out. I’m getting a new one made with Samsung 40T cells.

I was thinking that if I could limit the throttle using a vesc that would also have the same effect. When the battery is a high state of charge I could limit the throttle to preserve the battery and allow more throttle as the voltage drops.

Thanks again for your reply!

I’m using the Flipsky 75100 VESC and it works pretty good so far: Flipsky 75100 With Aluminum PCB Based on VESC For Electric Skateboard – FLIPSKY

I’m using it with a 10s P42A battery.
This is my first build though and I don’t have any experience with other ESCs.

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hello using same vesc 75100 but was running on 8s4p with 6384 epoxy motor drum and eml folding propeler…plenty of power for my 100 litter board…but I recently moved to a 60L board with 12s6000mah lipo battery discharing 100C …i m flying above water …will share some build details soon

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