VESC help offered for private persons and companies

Hello all,
I started my own business yesterday. It will be an offer for private persons and companies being first time users in the VESC® world and advanced users too.
My consulting services include:
-selection of the correct type of motor controller for the desired purpose of use
-parameterization of VESC® motor controllers
-construction of an electric drive system in general

I have 5 years of experience with Trampa Vescs like Vesc Express, Vesc 6, 75/300,100/250 and 3Shul C350,CL1000,CC1000 and lots of different brushless motors in electric vehicles like ebike, efoil, jetboard, motocycle, scooter, skateboard, kart, paramotor.
Most of my private projects can be seen here:

My website:

You are welcome to mention my offer, as it is not so easy at the beginning of self-employment

Thanks and regards from germany

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It would give you some starting grunt if you can show your skills, not only pictures. Make a tune for the U-15 motor that beats vedders tuning in his video, or show another case with the vesc optimisation of a low inductance motor for absolute max performance - something like this.

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Probably help if he you could do that on an efoil considering this is an efoil site…

65161:s aren’t hard on controllers really so it wouldn’t be a showcase. Much tougher with a really low inductance RC motor or a motor without stator steel, if you can tune for that then efoil motors are a breeze.

What do you charge to set up a vesc? Assume it’s done via screen sharing and videocall?

Good idea, seems lots of people have issues with this.

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Send me a PM for pricing.
Yes, screensharing/videocall if there is no possibility to visit.

Because of not having knowledge in Vesc and less price and seeing lot of people not having success, I am choosing to use simple esc with the 6384 motor, foil-assist use-case.
Please tell me, what am I missing from not using Vesc?