VESC issue - forward and reverse

I took a two year break from my foil and I am currently rebuilding with a new board. With that said, I thought I left it in running condition. When, I rebuilt it, I couldn’t get up to speed. I decided to reprogram the VESC but messed something up. Now when I hit the throttle it will sometimes operates in reverse and then randomly operates in forward. It’s driving me crazy.

Anybody seen this issue before? I know it has to be a setting in the VESC tool, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

What happens if you setup the input again in the VESC configuration wizard? That shows the received signal clearly, maybe you can see and fix the issue there?

If that doesn’t work i would try to pin what changed between when it was working until now, it might be as easy as time has passed and the remote is so discharged that it doesn’t give reliable output.

I’ll try that. Also, does anybody know if I need to completely recalibrate the remote? It’s almost as if the remote is in “Current Hyst with Brake” (in the PPM settings) but of course that’s not what it says on the VESC tool.

It was a bad VESC. Dropped the new one in with the same firmware/settings and it runs perfectly.

I will rip apart the VESC this winter to see what happened.