VESC Killswitch

I have a problem with my vesc and setting up the killswitch.
No matter if I use ppm high or ADC2 high, the motor runs bad when switched on. It stutters and starts bad.
When killswitch option is deactivated it runs smoothly.
Vesc is 75200 and FW 5.3.
Any ideas?
Thanks Toto

What are you using for the switch?

Are you holding it high and then holding it low? It could be that the pin is floating and jumping between states.

Possibly EMC interference on the kill switch line? Maybe a small capacitor at the input will help. Depending on what the wiring looks like, a pull-up or pull-down resistor would be sufficient so that the input remains in a defined state.

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Have you tried @jeffM solution using a 10k pulldown resistor (ADC2 low)?

It is a permanent switch. I will try the pull down resistor, but basically it switches correct, just the motor is not running smooth any more. When killswitch is disabled in the vesc app, it runs nice.