VESC Setup: Video Tutorial

Hi Everybody,
As I had to set up my VESC recently, I used the oppotunity to record a video of that process.
Maybe this will be helpful for beginners.
Feel free to comment what you would do differently :slight_smile:


Very helpful! Particularly the explanation of what various settings actually mean.

With regards to Absolute Maximum Current, it’s interesting to note that exceeding the value causes the VESC to cut current completely and generate a terminal error. Definitely advisable to not set the Maximum Motor Current and Absolute Maximum Motor Current too close to each other :slight_smile:

The only thing I would personally do in addition to your setup steps is to set a throttle curve.

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Just a note: The abs max current parameter is the limit that is used to judge if the VESC has lost control, so a shutdown is supposed to happen to protect hardware from damage.

ABS max can be set according to the VESC current capability, from memory the 75200 current sensors aren’t specified for more than 200A, even if they give a readout it might be increasingly incorrect above 200A.


Thank you both!
About the 75200 current: On the sales page, they claim 300A burst, 200A / 150A continuous. So one could argue this may be set as the ABS MAX… I have so far not had problems with the 200A, so I’ll keep that. Also, if you use the VESC say with a eSkate or similar, having a big difference between MAX and ABS MAX is more important, as there will be higher “shock loads” to the motors. In eFoil usually the prop is not accelereated / decelerated that hard, so the expected peaks and therefore difference can be smaller.

That’s chinese specs right there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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